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Dana Kreitz and Lee Cortopassi. Photo courtesy the production.

Review: ‘The Big’ at The Sedgwick Theater

Lee Cortopassi’s The Big offers a fun, farcical take on classic film noir, loaded with ludicrous, laugh-out-load moments of sheer, nearly surreal silliness. Set between 1939 and 1942, The Big follows three stock noir characters – sultry wannabe actress Scotch Esperanza (Dana Kreitz), notorious yet sensitive criminal Matty McFadden (Lee Cortopassi), and comically clueless detective […]

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Review: ‘Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett-A Conversation Where the Audience Asks the Questions’ at Strathmore

Comedienne extraordinaire Carol Burnett brought her distinctive and legendary persona to the Music Center at Strathmore last night and the audience responded with glee and deserved appreciation. Burnett’s ninety-minute presentation was like Ms. Burnett herself—-amusing, creative, and –most importantly, unpretentious and “down –to –earth” in spirit. Burnett is the last of a dying breed —-she […]

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2015 Capital Fringe Review: ‘No AIDS No Maids: Stories I Can’t F*ckin’ Hear No More’

The image is frightening. A beautiful black woman—larger than life, with a resume to match—dons white gloves and a waistcoat, smears makeup on her face and begins the childish song and dance of a minstrel. It’s a terrifying moment, repeated throughout this one woman show. Written and performed by Dee Dee Batteast—an accomplished actor who […]

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Clarice_DCMTA_Collidescope_200x200 (1)

‘Collidescope: Adventures in Pre-and Post-Racial America’ at Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

On the eve of a grand jury’s decision on the killing of Ferguson’s Michael Brown, Collidescope: Adventures in Pre-and Post-Racial America is a boldly courageous indictment on the origins of racial injustice in America, breathtaking in brutal honesty and astounding in creative genius. Co-created and co-directed by Ping Chong, award-winning theatre artist and pioneer in […]

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‘By The Way, Meet Vera Stark’ at Everyman Theatre

People want their history to be heroic and uplifting, happy and fabulous. They want the heroes and heroines of history to be the same. But it can be exhausting trying to perpetually live the façade of being so fabulous. When the truth slips out, comedy and emotional highpoints ensue, often in tandem as Everyman Theatre […]

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