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Review: ‘Madagascar—A Musical Adventure’ at Red Branch Theatre Company

Chalk up one more cartoon feature making a dash for freedom under the footlights. Madagascar—A Musical Adventure is now filling the intimate Red Branch Theatre with a veritable Noah’s Ark of singing, dancing animal friends. Young viewers especially will find themselves the happy captives of this class menagerie. Based on the 2005 DreamWorks Animation feature […]

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Review: ‘Chicago’ at ArtsCentric at Motor House

The city of Chicago is “Hog Butcher for the World… City of the Big Shoulders,” as poet Carl Sandburg wrote just over a 100 years ago. Much the same could be said of certain elements of the press, which sensationalizes and grants celebrity status to human interest subjects and stories far and wide. The 1920s […]

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Review: ‘The Dancing Princesses’ at Pumpkin Theatre

My wee littles stopped being wee little some time ago so, until yesterday, it’d been a number of years since I’d been to see children’s theatre. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about Pumpkin Theatre for some time now, so I decided to attend the opening performance of The Dancing Princesses to check […]

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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Becoming’

Strength is the first word that comes to mind as the lights come up at the beginning of fusiondance’s production of BECOMING. The dancers are all women, and their strength is particularly refreshing when juxtaposed with the inherent grace of contemporary dance. BECOMING is choreographed primarily by Artistic Director Candra Preshong, with additional choreography by […]

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Review: ‘Midlife’ at Single Carrot Theatre

Ben Hoover’s Midlife explores that most difficult of theatrical terrains, human subjectivity. Not that subjectivity expressed by human babble, i.e., talking, of which America’s logocentric culture continues to be so fond; but, rather, the subjectivity behind the mask each of us presents to the world. Single Carrot’s world premiere of Midlife does a great job […]

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