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2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘Macbeth’ at Third World Bunfight

I’ve long felt that if someone is going to cut down a Shakespeare text, they should take the responsibility of claiming co-authorship, since any editing becomes interpretation. This year’s Fringe concludes with two international works that accept the responsibility and succeed in creating new works, although in very different fashion. Romeo Castelluci’s Julius Caesar, Spared […]

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‘Hexagon 2015: The Spoof, the Whole Spoof, and Nothing but the Spoof!’ at Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium

If fast-paced apps, tweets, and glowing screens have your eyes abnormally a-glaze (yes, millennials, you can admit this, too) trade Facebook for good-feeling farce and be sure to pop over to Hexagon’s 2015 show at the Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium before the end of the run this upcoming weekend. Between the peppy, live orchestra, […]

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