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Madison Middleton in SOON. Photo by Angel Soriano.

Review: ‘SOON’ at The Highwood Theatre

Depending on whom you ask, climate change is either ongoing, its devastating progression towards the inevitable oblivion of life on Earth all but inarguable, or a hoax perpetrated by the ignorant or execrable upon the self-deluded or gullible. In the Highwood Theatre’s skillfully mounted and performed production of Nick Blaemire’s SOON, the more urgent matter […]

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ELECTRA family

Review: ‘Electra’ at 4615 Theatre Company

Back in ancient times, tragedy was prized for its cathartic experience; fear, rage, pity, the whole range of human emotions would run through you, and on a grand scale, too, with thousands packed into the grand marble theaters of Athens and Rome. So imagine all that passion crammed into a tiny space; one row of […]

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Duck (Shaquille Stewart) in the cage of his mind being harassed by his brother Crumb (James Nelson). Photo courtesy of Tom Block.

Review: ‘Duck’ by Tom Block at the Highwood Theatre

What difference does 1% make? In the case of Duck, a new play by Tom Block currently playing at the Highwood Theatre in Silver Spring, 1% can be the difference between life and death. Duck follows the internal struggle of Duck, a CIA statistician who earned that eponymous nickname because, under periods of great stress, […]

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Review: ‘’Night, Mother’ at The Highwood Theatre

‘’Night, Mother’ explores depths of depression, family secrets The Highwood Theatre’s Night, Mother, expertly directed by Madison Middleton and wonderfully acted by Melissa B. Robinson and Jennifer Berry George, is a thoughtful staging of a Pulitzer Prize-winning work by playwright Marsha Norman. The play asks many questions: How does one deal with a debilitating illness? […]

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Review: ‘Henry IV Parts I & II’ at The Rude Mechanicals

Over 17 years, The Rude Mechanicals, a local theater company specializing in classic works, has made its way through nearly all of Shakespeare’s enduring canon. After the current production of Henry IV, Parts I & II, they will have only four left to conquer, including, just by chance, both Henry V and Richard II. At […]

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Review: ‘RIOT’ at The Highwood Theatre

Last night in a small, tucked-away space in Silver Spring, I watched a “real time” drama so exciting and original, so drop-dead funny and knock-out suspenseful, that I left the theater dazed and euphoric. The play is called Riot. It takes place in Sam’s Coffee Shop—a room of not more than 600 square feet that Set […]

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Meet the Cast of ‘August: Osage County’ at The Highwood Theatre Part 2: Madison Middleton

In Part 2 of a series of interviews with the cast of August: Osage County at The Highwood Theatre, meet Madison Middleton. Joel: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you perform on the stage before. Madison: My name is Madison Middleton, and I’m in 9th grade. I’ve been in many, many Highwood productions, […]

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Other Desert Cities Logo

‘Other Desert Cities’ at The Highwood Theatre

“Relationships are hard-earned things” in The Highwood Theatre’s production of Other Desert Cities. Jon Robin Baitz’s beautiful play is a taut family drama involving a clan split by generations, values and their connection to the past. Parents Polly and Lyman Wyeth are cool, conservative, former Hollywood players. Polly’s sister Silda is staying in their guest […]

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Scapin and Leandre

Meet the Cast of Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Schemings of Scapin’: Part 1: Jackie Madejski, Lauren Turchin Fox, Michael Windsor, and Zachary Roberts

In Part 1 of 3 sets of interviews with the zany cast of Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s The Schemings of Scapin, meet Jackie Madejski, Lauren Turchin Fox, Michael Windsor, and Zachary Roberts. “Bodies are humorous” is the theme that has been running at the Annapolis Shakespeare Company for the past two seasons. It was hilarious to get inside the […]

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