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Review: ‘Guards at the Taj’ at Theatre Exile

Guards at the Taj is the story of two young friends, Humayun (“Huma”) and Babur. The two are a sort of Indian vaudeville duo: Huma (Anthony Mustafa Adair) is the uptight straight man, Babur (Jenson Titus Lavallee) the disorganized, dreamy, logorrheic child-man clown. The opening scene finds Babur arriving late at their post outside the […]

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‘Take A Bow’ Part 4: The Staff of DCMetroTheaterArts’ Favorite Spring/Summer 2016 Performances

Here’s Part 4 of the staff of DCMetroTheaterArts’ favorite Spring/Summer 2016 performances. To our honorees: TAKE A BOW! Kestrel Coffee as Jessie in Rain Follows the Plow at The 2016 Capital Fringe Festival. This beautifully moving “dust opera” by Stephen R. Coffee featured a cast of wonderful ensemble singers and musicians who together told a poignant and powerful story […]

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