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DinoRock Productions Inc.’s ‘Dinosaur Desperados’ at The Puppet Co.

DinoRock Productions Inc. celebrates their 15th guest appearance at The Puppet Company with Dinosaur Desperados, a fun-filled show where the old west meets the old world. “Dino wranglers” Michele Valeri, Ingrid Crepeau, and Steve Little use songs, stories, and creative puppetry to introduce the young audience (and their parents!) to a variety of lesser-known dinosaur […]

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‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ at The Puppet Company

The Puppet Co. presents Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, an adaptation of the Grimm’s classic with a mixed cast of actors and rod puppets. Playwright Christopher Piper uses intricately-detailed puppets and animation in this version to keep things interesting, while also celebrating the original plot. Allan Stevens is the director of this production, as […]

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‘La casa de los espíritus’ (The House of Spirits) at GALA Hispanic Theatre by Veronique MacRae

“What do you know about life? Its torment, its pain…” Based on the pivotal, impassioned and ground-breaking novel by Chilean-American novelist, Isabelle Allende, La casa de los espíritus, or The House of Spirits, written by Caridad Svich and directed by Jose Zayas, exemplifies the spirit of Allende’s novel through its magnetic dialogue, mystical undertones, and […]

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