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Review: ‘Cabaret’ at Workhouse Arts Center

Everybody loves a winner. The song “Maybe This Time” reminds one of the spark of hope in a new beginning, what it feels like to cross a path and find someone and find a home. How very simple and very similar is the human desire to belong. Alternatively, bias creates an impossible wall. A few […]

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Review: ‘Spring Awakening’ at Zemfira Stage

The plucky Falls Church based Zemfira Stage has taken on the Tony Award-winning Spring Awakening, a far cry from the company’s joyous summer performance of The Wizard of Oz. Zemfira’s latest musical offering is no less remarkable in quality, but while the Wizard was a perfectly spectacular experience for everyone, especially the kiddies, Spring Awakening is a frank […]

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Review: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at Zemfira Stage

You may ask yourself why anyone would want to see The Wizard of Oz one more time, especially a semi-professional theatrical production at a county rec center, when you can pick up the MGM movie classic at K-Mart or snatch it off the Internet in the comfort of your own boudoir. That’s a gamble the […]

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