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Review: ‘Tame.’ at Avant Bard

Audiences of all generations and emerging Millennial-aged playwrights should rejoice at Avant Bard’s production of DC playwright Jonelle Walker’s TAME. Avant Bard took a risky budgetary and audience development step to bring a full production of a new script by an emerging playwright likely unknown to many mainstream theater ticket buyers. Good for Avant Bard. […]

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Review: ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at Brave Spirits Theatre

Love is a battlefield in the vivid, high heat of Brave Spirits Theatre’s striking, fencing-match take on Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. Once again Brave Spirits (BST) is true to its mission; bringing forth an ambitious, beautifully wrought, and passionate production of a classic play. Under Charlene V. Smith’s dandy molding, Antony and Cleopatra is full […]

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fringe 2016 new green 200x200

2016 Capital Fringe Review: ’22 Boom!’

Think commissioned plays are a thing of the Elizabethan past? Nu Sass Productions’ 22 Boom! is concierge theater at its nimblest. Written by Miranda Rose Hall and directed by Renana Fox, this imaginative exercise is “an avalanche of manic, miniature plays” – 23, the magic number, each about three minutes long. Eight energetic actors zig […]

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2016 Capital Fringe Preview #46: ’22 Boom!’: 5 Questions with ’22 Boom!’ Playwright Miranda Rose Hall by Angela Kay Pirko and Miranda Rose Hall

5 Questions with 22 Boom! playwright Miranda Rose Hall by Angela Kay Pirko and Miranda Rose Hall Angela: What was the inspiration for 22 Boom! Miranda: It was a compilation of plays that I wrote on demand for patrons at Baltimore’s Center Stage. I was in residence there as the Hot Desk Playwright from 2013-2014, and I […]

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Review: ‘The Maid’s Tragedy’ at Brave Spirits Theatre

Death abounds in The Maid’s Tragedy. Be prepared for an avenging angel with a message and actions against the vicious power of a King and lascivious misogynist cultural values in Brave Spirits Theatre’s vigorous production of revenge theatre, The Maid’s Tragedy. There is a plenitude of calamity and spilt blood in this DC area premiere […]

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Review: ‘Middletown’ at NextStop Theatre Company

Middletown, written by Will Eno, is a play with heft. It is not an easy play that you can relax and let wash over you. Timid souls who are out for an evening of light entertainment may struggle with it. The play engages and pushes, forcing the audience to question ourselves, and it is well […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘The Dealer of Ballynafeigh’ at The Keegan Theatre

When a particular company and a particular playwright hit it off such that they keep knocking it out of the park—as have The Keegan Theatre and Belfast-born Rosemary Jenkinson—theirs has to be a match made in theater heaven. And when the result of their remarkable union—The Dealer of Ballynafeigh—is yet another smashing show, it’s time […]

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‘The Imaginary Invalid’ at Annapolis Shakespeare Company

I started out with the cream of crab soup, and moved on to a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, with a side of French Farce; it is difficult to say which of the two was more delicious… Such was the double pleasure of attending Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s production of The Imaginary Invalid, performed at Reynold’s Tavern […]

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‘Distracted’ at Arcturus Theater Company

When is a boy just being a boy and when does a boy need meds for ADD/ADHD? Arcturus Theater Company’s production of Distracted, from Playwright Lisa Loomer, tackles this question with humor, poignancy, and a creative approach to the theatrical fourth wall. The play opens with Mama (Dana Gattuso) trying to meditate to start her […]

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‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ at 1st Stage

Mounting Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan as their springtime offering is a perfect way for 1st Stage to shake off the chill of winter and welcome in the warmer weather. Directed by Steven Carpenter, this quirky, dark, and heartwarming tale of a young crippled boy’s dreams makes for a moving night at the theatre […]

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‘The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on’ Part 6 – ‘Opening Night Reflections’ by Caroline Brent

So…after countless hours rehearsing, processing videos, recording voiceovers, constructing a giant chessboard, and studying dream theory, WE’VE MADE IT! Pallas Theatre’s The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on opened yesterday evening, to a packed house. Now with eight more performances to go, we couldn’t be more excited. Our Casting Director Ty Hallmark mentioned […]

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The ‘sample’ chessboard used throughout the show.

Part 4: ‘The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on:Chessboards & Sea-faring’ by Tracey Elaine Chessum,Ph.D.

Pallas Theatre Collective’s The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on – Chessboards and Sea-faring. Last week, Board President John Horman gave you a picture of his experience with Pallas Theatre Collective. This week, we’d like to offer you an inside look at the design and technical creation of The Tempest: Such Stuff as […]

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John Stange (Caliban). Photo courtesy of Pallas Theatre Collective

The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On Pt. 2:’Views from the Chessboard’ by Tracey Elaine Chessum, Ph.D.

Last week, co-Artistic Director Mike Boynton gave you an overview of Pallas Theatre Collective’s mission and history. This week, we’d like to offer you an inside look at the creation of our newest project, The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on, directed by co-Artistic Director Tracey Elaine Chessum, coming this January (Pallastheatre.org/tickets)! I […]

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The Tooth Fairy (Ryan Sellers) and Mrs. Claus (Heather Whitpan).
Photo by Greg Velichansky.

‘You Can’t Get a Decent Margarita at the North Pole’ at Grain of Sand Theatre by Jennifer Perry

Around this time of the year, it’s quite possible to experience what I like to call ‘Christmas-themed theatre overload.’ After all there’s a plethora of productions of A Christmas Carol to choose from in our area, plenty of holiday concerts, and Nutcracker productions galore. For something slightly different, and definitely a bit off-kilter, one might […]

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