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‘I Hate Hamlet’ at 2nd Star Productions

It’s one thing to hate a beloved Shakespearean work; it’s a major faux pas to say so out loud. Paul Rudnick wrote the book for I Hate Hamlet while he was living in an apartment once occupied by the famed wastrel and stage and screen idol, actor John Barrymore, better known today as Drew Barrymore’s grandfather. […]

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DCMetroArts - Funny Money 1

‘Funny Money’ at 2nd Star Productions by Amanda Gunther

What would you do with 1,735,000 pounds? Hopefully do a better job of keeping your story straight than the zany characters in Ray Cooney’s Funny Money. An uproarious farce of epic proportions comes to the stage at The Bowie Playhouse through 2nd Star Productions taking the audience on a roller coaster of laughable moments that […]

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