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Review: ‘American Idiot’ at The Keegan Theatre

The Keegan Theatre’s American Idiot speaks to collective genius. Hardly a no-brainer to mount this explosive, war-weary work, weaned in the Bush II era, at the height of today’s media-hijacked, cock-eyed presidential campaign. (Careful, now, no name-calling or naming names. Hand gestures should suffice.) But the payload of mixing Ritalin-wracked choreography, transcendent stagecraft and megaphonic […]

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Review: ‘American Idiot’ at Act Two @ Levine by Laura Marshall

Great punk music paired with edgy, mature performances and soaring orchestration rocked the house in the Kogod Cradle at Arena Stage last weekend. The pre-professional program from Act Two @ Levine, filled with high school aged performers, presented Green Day’s American Idiot on January 15-17th. Directed by Kevin Kuchar, the musical is an adaption of a concept […]

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‘American Idiot’ at The National Theatre by John Stoltenberg

Among the exhilarating pleasures of seeing American Idiot now on tour at the National Theatre is experiencing this angsty, amped-up ode to antiestablishment disaffection performed full force in DC’s treasured temple of high culture. It’s a discombobulating blast. And Billie Joe Armstrong’s wildly imagined lyrics—scathingly antipathetic to conventional patriotism—keep detonating like verbal grenades. Don’t want to be […]

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Kahne and Frost during Finale at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, 2012. Photo courtesy of Photography by Michael Ulrich.

‘Married to the Stage Can Be Stressful’ by Natalie McCabe

“Married to the Stage” can be stressful. Contrary to popular opinion, when both partners try to weave their careers around the trials and travesties that occur onstage, having a successful relationship, such as a marriage, offstage can be rather difficult. Between financial hardships, separations, and the inevitable missed auditions that make the rejection feel personal, […]

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John Laneham, of the Queen’s Men (Mr. Ryan, top) flips over his opponent, George Atwell, of the Admiral’s Men (Jim Dadosky, bottom) in chess. Photo courtesy of Photography by Michael Ulrich.

Married to the Stage: ‘My Faire Children’ by Natalie McCabe

My husband may live in an imaginary village, but we both belong to the category of ‘imaginary friends.’ Recently, I sat down to chat with a kindergartner and his almost-three-year-old sister, who likes to have pretend tea parties with ‘Ms. Natalie’ and ‘Mr. ohn” when we are not actually present. (Evidently, imaginary ‘Mr. John’ never wants […]

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