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Review: ‘The Pelican’ at Arcturus Theater Company

 Rare Production of Strindberg’s Pelican at Arcturus The Pelican—a Victorian melodrama long abandoned by modern producers —has happily returned to the DC stage in a brilliantly staged one-act play. It’s now on view for just one more weekend at the Arcturus Theater Company, located in a downtown church. Written by August Strindberg—a giant in the […]

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Review: ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

Shakespeare presents a language barrier for actors and audience alike. Typically, companies affect British accents (“received pronunciation” – not everyone is a fan), though many companies choose not to adopt any accent at all. Either of which can sound strange depending on what the audience is expecting and requires some getting used to. Oregon Shakespeare […]

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Spine: ‘In Session’ by La Petite Noiseuse Productions

Mónica López-González’s new play, In Session, now playing at Johns Hopkins’ Swirnow Theatre, ripples with ideas — rich ideas, fascinating ideas on such subjects as artificial intelligence (nay–life), the relationship between identity and the human face, the differences between the creator of the story and its listener, the question of human agency. In fact, the play has […]

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‘Measure for Measure’ at The Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

As one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays” which is neither comedy nor tragedy, Measure for Measure is populated by morally ambiguous characters and includes a story that ends well… for some? Measure for Measure walks an awkward line between bawdy comedy and disturbing political commentary. In centuries past, this ambivalence made it one of Shakespeare’s least […]

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Source Festival: ‘Dontrell, Who Kissed The Sea’

I’ve been thinking about Dontrell, Who Kissed The Sea from the moment I left the theatre, and my mind hasn’t really slowed down. Here’s the takeaway: rarely have I encountered a work that explores so many issues this well and this intelligently. Dontrell doesn’t just employ the theme of quests, but teaches us how to […]

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