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Cloud 9

Review: ‘Cloud 9’ at Iron Crow Theatre

Do you enjoy the works of playwrights like Oscar Wilde and Nöel Coward, but wish their plays had a little more adultery? Then Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill is the play for you. Never having seen the show, I wasn’t sure what to expect last night, except what I could glean from the poster. What […]

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Review: ‘Schoolgirl Figure’ at Cohesion Theatre

Puberty is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I looked fabulous at age ten. This weekend, Schoolgirl Figure, a play written by Wendy MacLeod, opened at Cohesion Theatre Company (“Cohesion”). Like MacLeod’s popular cult-classic, The House of Yes, Schoolgirl Figure centers around a taboo subject normally not open for public discussion; in this […]

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Interviews from London Below: Inside Cohesion Theatre’s ‘Neverwhere’: Part 7: Melanie Glickman

In Part Seven of a series of interviews with cast members of Cohesion Theatre Company’s Neverwhere, meet Melanie Glickman. Patricia: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you on local stages and some roles you have played. Mel: I’m Mel Glickman. If you’ve seen anything Cohesion’s done this season, you’ve seen […]

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Review: ‘Neverwhere’ at Cohesion Theatre Company

To close out an already impressive second season, Cohesion Theatre Company has mounted its most ambitious show yet – the Baltimore premiere of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, adapted for the stage by Robert Kauzlaric. I should admit this up front: I love Neil Gaiman. He is my favorite author and Neverwhere is my favorite of his […]

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DCMTA Scene Stealers-Week Ending June 5, 2015-Part 1

Congrats to all our new Scene Stealers honorees! ______ Shayna Blass as Lulu in the Final Scene of Cabaret at Signature Theatre “In Act Two the Emcee sings “If You Could See Her (with my eyes)” to someone costumed as an ape whose primate movements might suggest an innocuous clown show. Then when the ape mask […]

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‘The Language Archive’ at Silver Spring Stage

The Language Archive at the Silver Spring Stage, is not a play about the language of love but of language and love, or more specifically, communication and emotion. The play centers on the marriage, now faltering, of George (Jonas David Grey) and Mary (Karen Fleming). George is a linguist. He archives languages both living and dead […]

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‘Richard II’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

An Anointed King Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (CSC) continues to thrive in their new downtown Baltimore home with an exquisite production of Richard II. While it is one of the Bard’s lesser known works, it being slightly unfamiliar creates an excellent opportunity for a refreshing night of theater – which this was! Not to take anything […]

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‘Edward II’ at Spotlighters Theatre

They say that love will conquer all but what happens when love gets in the way of the crown? A court turned against its king for forbidden love; a throne overturned in the face of adversity. The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre brings Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II to the stage as its penultimate show of the […]

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‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ at Jewish Theatre Workshop by Amanda Gunther

Something’s funny in the state of Denmark. Rottenly funny too as the Jewish Theatre Workshop presents Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Directed by Brad Norris and Ariella McCown, this irreverent approach to Shakespeare’s Hamlet gives audiences an existential, albeit comical, look into the minds of the servants who have been assigned to the […]

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