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Review: ‘Political Cabaret’ at Cohesion Theatre, Baltimore Improv Group, and Spotlighters Theatre

As a welcome election-year treat, Cohesion Theatre Company (“Cohesion”), Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre (“Spotlighters”), and the Baltimore Improv Group (“BIG”) have collaborated to create a lighthearted performance event they call Political Cabaret. The production combines “improv, sketch comedy, and musical satire speaking to all things election season.” It’s a night of good fun. The production […]

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Iron Crow Theatre Presents ‘The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard’ by Rich Espey

Iron Crow Theatre presents the world premiere of The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard. This poignant and lyrical new play from Maryland playwright Rich Espey, three-time winner of the Award for Best Play at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, is a contemporary exploration of the clash between religious conviction and modern LGBTQ issues contained within the tumultuous dynamics […]

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