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Review: ‘Top Girls’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The adage, “more things change, the more they stay the same” comes to mind when weighing British playwright Caryl Churchill’s seminal Obie-winning classic, Top Girls, which was first produced in 1982 and is now reintroduced some 35 years later at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s intimate space. Audaciously directed by Suzanne Beal, Top Girls insightfully explores […]

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Review: Junie B. Jones in ‘Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Junie B Jones in Jingle Bells Batman Smells! is a charming piece of family comedy playing at Maryland Ensemble Theatre through January 1, 2017. The Fun Company takes on Allison Gregory’s adaptation of the Barbara Parks youth novels with a nicely enlarged sense of childhood’s daily existential pleasures and terrors. Gregory’s adaptation dramatizes many of […]

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Review: ‘Superior Donuts’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Humor and calories abound in Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s production of Superior Donuts, written by Tracy Letts and directed by Gené Fouché. Set in uptown Chicago, the play follows the story of Polish-American Arthur Przybyszewski (Tad Janes) and his struggle to keep his donut shop afloat. The shop has fallen on hard times and is increasingly […]

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Review: ‘Oedipus ROX!’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Take one-part glam rock, one-part Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome, and one-part A Clockwork Orange, and you have Oedipus ROX! at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Oedipus ROX! is a modern Rock musical adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, and is cleverly directed by Tad Janes. Thom Huenger composed the score and Sarah Shulman wrote the book and both […]

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Review: ‘Stupid F**king Bird’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Written by Aaron Posner and “sort of adapted from Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull,” Stupid F**king Bird is a highly imaginative and humorous depiction of the love triangles and life lessons between younger and older actors and artists on vacation at the lake shore. At the heart of the story, playwright Con loves his starring actress Nina, […]

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‘A Christmas Carol’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Like most Americans of a certain age, I have seen A Christmas Carol… a lot. I have seen multiple different iterations of the traditional story, I have seen Scrooge!, I have seen Scrooged. This is well-worn, well-covered territory. So I am happy to say that Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s production of A Christmas Carol, running this […]

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‘Frankenstein’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

“I saw a figure…or was it a reflection?” This rhetorical question literally haunts Frankenstein, an original Maryland Ensemble Theatre (‘MET’) production adapted from Mary Shelley’s classic work of gothic horror. Maryland Ensemble Theatre premiered their newest work, directed by the incredibly talented Julie Herber, on their mainstage just a few steps below West Patrick Street, […]

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‘The Elephant Man’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The Elephant Man, fantastically directed by Julie Herber, poses some interesting morality questions for a modern audience, though it is set in Victorian-era England. Based on a real-life story, The Elephant Man is a dramatized account of the life of The Elephant Man, changed in the show to John Merrick). Merrick was horribly deformed, born with […]

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Iron Crow Theatre Presents ‘The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard’ by Rich Espey

Iron Crow Theatre presents the world premiere of The Revelation of Bobby Pritchard. This poignant and lyrical new play from Maryland playwright Rich Espey, three-time winner of the Award for Best Play at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival, is a contemporary exploration of the clash between religious conviction and modern LGBTQ issues contained within the tumultuous dynamics […]

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‘A Revolutionary Christmas’ at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

A Revolutionary Christmas, directed by Suzanne Beal, is a hilarious and heartwarming original Christmas play. Written by Reiner Prochaska, the show is a Maryland Ensemble Theatre original production and was a very inspired and refreshing story for the fast-paced, hectic holiday season. Set in Frederick County on Christmas Eve in 1778, the Kober family, a […]

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‘Clybourne Park’ at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

A Then and Now Tour: Clybourne Park at Maryland Ensemble Theatre Taking a modern twist on Lorraine Hansberry’s seminal play, A Raisin in the Sun, Bruce Norris in his 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy, Clybourne Park, satirically juxtaposes the evolution of American race and class relations in the late 1950’s to the 21st Century, resonating the clichéd expression: the […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Young Olympians and the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever!’ by Howard Lee Levine

Keeping the stories of Greek mythology fresh and evergreen for the present day, as well as instructive and entertaining to those of student age and older, is the tall order which Director Julie Herber and the Frederick MD-based cast of The Young Olympians and the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever! carried off at The Studio Theatre. The […]

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2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘The Young Olympians & the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever!’ by Vanessa Strickland

Debuting in DC this summer, The Young Olympians & the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever! (aka “YO“) is an all-ages musical with a story rooted in Greek mythology. Drawing inspiration from pop culture classics such as the Goonies and Scooby-Doo, “YO” features original music, puppets, and fight choreography to create an extraordinary adventure for audiences of […]

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