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Review: ‘I Shall Not Hate’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC

It was a record-setting blizzard, not prescient season planning, that resulted in Mosaic Theater Company’s rescheduling the opening of I Shall Not Hate to last night, International Holocaust Memorial Day—the date designated by the United Nations to mark the liberation of the concentration camp called Auschwitz-Birkenau. There is a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza called Jabalia, […]

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‘Metamorphosis’ at Alliance for New Music-Theatre

How does one begin a review about a boy turned into a dung beetle? I suppose, just like that. And, no, I’m not giving anything away, unless you have never had even a cursory acquaintance with foreign literature. If you have not….this is a play about a boy who turns into a dung beetle, based […]

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Plunging into the Deep with Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ at Alliance for New Music-Theatre by Susan Galbraith

Plunging into the Deep with Kafka’s Metamorphosis Alliance for New Music-Theatre is taking a plunge into the deep, staging a production of Kafka’s Metamorphosis. When Barbara Karpetová from the Czech Embassy asked if our company would mount a production for this year’s Mutual Inspirations Festival and that the subject of this year’s month-long festival would […]

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‘The Understudy’ at Everyman Theatre

Are you sick and tired of yet another big-budget Hollywood action-adventure film with angry tornados, humongous sharks, or killer asteroids? Are you sick and tired of yet another celebrity persona sucking up all the sunshine while the rest of humanity grovels in the dark? Are you sick and tired of the one percent making so […]

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