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Review: ‘The Sea Voyage’ at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

Ask most theater lovers if they have heard of Jacobean-era playwrights such as John Fletcher and Philip Massinger and you would probably receive a confused “no.” Fletcher and Massinger, who wrote The Sea Voyage, were overshadowed by the prodigious talent that was William Shakespeare. As directed by Ann Turiano, Baltimore Shakespeare Factory’s (BSF) The Sea […]

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‘RSVP’ at Glass Mind Theatre

Please, Thank You, bow at the waist. Miss Manners herself is back in town. Way, way back in the 1920’s where the peak of high society began to crumble out from beneath itself. How has society fallen away from the lessons of cultivated sophistication that Emily Post published in her book Etiquette so long ago? […]

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‘Equus’ at Spotlighters Theatre by Amanda Gunther

A stunning theatrical sensation comes to the stage at the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre, as Director Sherrionne Brown presents Peter Shaffer’s Equus. It’s a deeply moving psychological drama that explores a seventeen year old boy’s sexual and religious fascination with horses after he has blinded five of them and landed himself in a psychiatrist’s care. […]

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