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Magic Time! ‘Hedda Gabler’ at Studio Theatre

Watching Julia Coffey’s feline and feral performance in the title role of Studio Theatre’s sleek and stark staging of Hedda Gabler is to witness the trainwreck that is Ibsen’s enigmatic character in a transfixing new light. The production directed with polish by Matt Torney in a terrific adaptation of the text by Mark O’Rowe plays […]

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Review: ‘Hedda Gabler’ at Studio Theatre

Hedda Tesman, aka., Hedda Gabler, has it all: beauty, grace, status, ambition, wit, and feminine mystique. And, per usual, it’s the mystique that does her in. Studio Theatre’s Hedda Gabler, in a new version by Irish playwright and film writer Mark O’Rowe, explodes all the feminine mystique that money can buy and leaves nothing but […]

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