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Magic Time! ‘Trans Lives and Theater as Change Agent: A Q&A with Dane Figueroa Edidi and Natsu Onoda Power’

Theater in DC has begun only recently to tell stories that attempt to be faithful to trans experience. Despite progress on local stages toward accurate portrayals of the lives of other populations marginalized on account of “difference”—those who are women, black, Latinx, Asian, queer, Deaf, or disabled, for instance—the lives of transfolk have been conspicuously […]

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2016 FringeNYC Review: ‘Till Birnam Wood’

Philadelphia’s John Schultz brings an immersive sensory experience to FringeNYC with Till Birnam Wood, an original adaptation of Macbeth. Already a hit in the 2014 and 2015 Philly Fringe Festivals, the one-hour condensed version of the Scottish play of blind ambition and guilt, foreboding, fate, and death is presented in an intense fast-paced hour, with […]

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Review: ‘The Pelican’ at Arcturus Theater Company

 Rare Production of Strindberg’s Pelican at Arcturus The Pelican—a Victorian melodrama long abandoned by modern producers —has happily returned to the DC stage in a brilliantly staged one-act play. It’s now on view for just one more weekend at the Arcturus Theater Company, located in a downtown church. Written by August Strindberg—a giant in the […]

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Behind the Scenes of Arts Collective @HCC’s Workshop Production of ‘House’: Part 5: Cast Members Colin Riley, Iris Shih, and Sierra Young

In Part 5 of 5 interviews with the Playwright/Director and cast members of House at Arts Collective @ HCC, meet cast members Colin Riley, Iris Shih, and Sierra Young Joel: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you on our local stages and who you play in HOUSE. Colin Riley: My name is […]

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‘Macbeth’ at Villanova Theatre at Villanova University

More than four hundred years after Shakespeare wrote it, Macbeth remains a potent play. Its tale of how the lust for power corrupts is timeless, made even more enduring by some of the most legendary lines in English literature. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic play that just about everybody knows, even if […]

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Meet the Director and Cast of ‘All My Sons’ at Peace Mountain Theatre Company: Part 9: Leah Mazade

In Part 9 of a series of interviews with the Director and cast of Peace Mountain Theatre Company‘s production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, meet Leah Mazade. Joel: Please introduce yourself and tell readers where they may have seen you perform on local stages.  Leah: I’ve been working in local theaters, mostly in Maryland, for three decades. Groups […]

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2015 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Experimental’

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair,” and Anne is Nan and Nan is Anne, but only on the west coast. This is Hollywood after all, and things can get a little crazy.  XY Players’ comedy, Experimental, transforms elements of Shakespeare’s Macbeth into an engrossing comedy that pokes fun at the very profession we see […]

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‘Macbeth’ at The BOOM Theatre Company

When William Shakespeare’s plays first made their appearances at the Globe Theatre, men played all of the roles. No one questioned a male Juliet performing the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, as that was the law of the time. Upon entering the building of the Unitarian Universalist of Fallston, I was intrigued by […]

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‘Sense & Sensibility’ at Annapolis Shakespeare Company

Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s Sense & Sensibility is the ultimate tale of First World problems. While the story predates both hashtags and the concept of the First World, it is tale of the rich who suddenly find themselves in the middle class. Like any good soap opera, the problems are relatively trivial, but utterly engrossing. There […]

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‘Dunsinane’ at Shakespeare Theatre Company

As the guerilla war in Dunsinane intensifies, Siward, the English commander sent to Scotland to bring peace to the warring clans, admits to burning to death a village’s captured adult males. In light of recent events in Islamic State — namely, the burning to death of a captured Jordanian pilot — the thousand year parallels […]

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‘Macbeth’ at Annapolis Shakespeare Company

Annapolis Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a bloody good way to baptize the company’s new theater space Macbeth is the inaugural production of the Annapolis Shakespeare Company in its new home in Studio 111 on Chinquapin Round Road, Annapolis. Bloody good – and filled with bloodied scenes, Macbeth is a must-see show in the ongoing evolution of Annapolis Shakespeare Company. […]

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Free Screening of Folger Theatre’s 2008 Teller/Posner Directed ‘Macbeth’ This Saturday, 8/23/14 at 8:15 PM at Carter Barron

A free screening of Folger Theatre‘s 2008 magical production of Macbeth will take place on Saturday, August 23 at 8:15 pm at the Carter Barron Ampitheatre in Rock Creek Park. No tickets are required.  Directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller) and Aaron Posner and recorded before a rapt audience in the Folger’s intimate Elizabethan Theatre, this “supernatural horror thriller” […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Mme. Macbeth’ by Anne Tsang

When you hear that a theater company is performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you probably think to yourself “Oh yea…I know Macbeth. How will this be any different from all the other times I’ve seen this show?” Well, if you go see King’s Players Mme. Macbeth at this year’s Fringe show, you are in for a surprise! […]

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Lady Macbeth (Sarah Jacklin). Photo by  Sarah Gretchen.

‘Macbeth’ at Annex Theater by Amanda Gunther

Something wicked this way comes as Annex Theater presents the Bard’s most cursed production, Macbeth. Directed by Evan Moritz, this gender bent production of the classic tragedy has women interspersed in the male roles throughout the production but none quite so important as the title character. A fresh new take on allowing talented performers of all […]

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Anne Kanengeiser on Playing Janna in ‘The Personal(s)’ at No Rules Theatre Company by Joel Markowitz

There are some performances that you just never forget and Anne Kanengeiser’s performance as Fosca in Signature Theatre’s Passion in 1996 is one I will always remember and cherish, so I was thrilled when Anne was coming to town to appear in No Rules Theatre Company’s The Personal(s), because I had my chance to catch up with Anne […]

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Part 4: Behind the Scenes of ‘Pride & Prejudice’: An Interview With Sally Boyett-D’Angelo by Joel Markowitz

Here is Part 4 and our final interview of our behind-the-scenes look at Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s Pride and Prejudice. Meet Artistic Director and Director Sally Boyett-D’Angelo. Joel: Why did you select Pride and Prejudice? Sally: Actually, I chose this production in early 2012 before we knew we were moving into our new space! I had recently directed […]

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