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Review: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse

To Kill a Mockingbird, written by the enigmatic Harper Lee and dramatized by Christopher Sergel, opened at the Laurel Mill Playhouse, directed by Jen Sizer and produced by Maureen Rogers. A great dramatic story like this can still hold our attention and stir our emotions no matter how familiar you are with the tale. Many […]

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‘Harvey’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse

Harvey, currently playing at Laurel Mill Playhoue, and produced by Maureen Rodgers, is a wonderful classic American comedy. It was unique when it opened in the 1940s. First of all, it won a Pulitzer Prize, but even more so, it was written by a woman. There was, until recently, a paucity of women playwrights, but […]

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‘Death Takes a Holiday’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse

Directed by Mark T. Allen and produced by Maureen Rogers, Death Takes a Holiday follows the fate of a group of aristocrats at the mansion of Duke Lambert, played by Larry Simmons. We hear that death was barely avoided by various characters when suddenly Death himself pays the Duke a visit. Death wants to feel […]

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Annie (Julia Laje) and Sandy the Dog (Graham). Photo by Larry Simmons.

‘Annie’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse by Amanda Gunther

In this dreary economy the bright mantra ‘the sun will come out, tomorrow’ is perhaps even more profound than it was back during the stock market crash, Hoover-Roosevelt depression era. And who better to remind us of the optimistic outlook than little orphan Annie as Laurel Mill Playhouse sets up Annie the musical for the […]

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Anne Hull as Auntie Mame. Photo by John Cholod.

‘Auntie Mame’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse by Amanda Gunther

Laurel Mill Playhouse welcomes winter and the upcoming holidays with their production of Auntie Mame. Directed by Larry Simmons this non-musical telling of the infamous eccentric rich aunt from Beekman Place up in New York City offers a family treasure trove of light-hearted loving warm stories for the winter season. A team of set designers […]

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