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Teatro de la Luna’s Children’s Theater Festival: 6 Hours of Drama and Magic on Sat 1/16 at The Rosslyn Spectrum

On Saturday, January 16, 2016 –  from 11 AM until 5 PM – it’s six Children’s Hours, full of continuous mystery and magic, drama and dance: “al major estilo latinoamericano” (with the best Latin flavor). All the many activities are bilingual. But the tempo will be distinctively Latino and the seasoning often “comico” and sometimes […]

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Winter Heat Courtesy of Teatro de la Luna: ‘No hay que llorar’ (No Need to Cry) Opens February 19th by Christine Stoddard

Winter Heat Courtesy of Teatro de la Luna Teatro de la Luna’s Luna de Tangos/Moonlight Tangos, a sold out cabaret featuring tangos and milongas, made Ballston’s NRECA Conference Center an extra cozy place the night of February 1, 2015. Elegant men and women sipped on wine and enjoyed empanadas to the tunes of Argentina and […]

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A Full Moon for el Festival de Teatro para Niños by Christine Stoddard

Season to season, festival to festival, Teatro de la Luna, co-founded by Mario Marcel and Nucky Walder, ping-pongs between the Gunston Arts Center and Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre. One of the metro’s two bilingual theater companies, the Arlington arts organization also ricochets from schools to embassies to libraries and wherever else audiences demand Spanish-language performances. From […]

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‘Tango Turco (Turkish Tango)’ at Teatro de la Luna

Tango Turco (Turkish Tango) is a fascinating play, veering from soapy and melodramatic to thoughtful and philosophical. Argentinian playwright Del Autor’s strange but oddly likeable play is being brought vividly to life at Teatro de la Luna by Director Mario Marcel and his team of three talented actors (Alfredo Sánchez, Marcela Ferlito, and Jerry Daniel). […]

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‘La Vida Que Me Das…Y No Me Alcanza’ (Such a Life You’ve Given Me… And It’s Not Enough) at Teatro de la Luna by Jenny Sutton

At first glance, the title La Vida Que Me Das…Y No Me Alcanza (Such a Life You’ve Given Me… And It’s Not Enough) may read as a soapy, heart-wrenching drama for middle-aged women. However, after spending two minutes in the intimate Gunston Arts Center Theatre Two among an eager, bilingual audience, it becomes clear that […]

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‘Gotas de Agua (Drops of Water)’ at Teatro de la Luna at Randolph Road Theater by Ramona Harper

Aplauso! Little hands needed little prompting to clap gleefully in applause for children’s theater production, Gotas de Agua (Drops of Water). Kids can be a tough crowd, but this enthusiastic audience, mostly under the age of ten, was completely enthralled with this play. They were in Teatro de la Luna’s hands from the beginning. In a dramatically […]

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