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‘Mary Poppins’ at The John W. Engeman Theater at Northport

Everyone’s favorite high-flying nanny has landed at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport! Mary Poppins will be playing until the wind changes on December 31, 2016. The script, based on both the books by P.L. Travers and the 1964 Disney movie, was written by Julian Fellowes, whose repertoire also includes Downton Abbey. Directed and choreographed […]

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Review: ‘Detroit’ at Theater With a View, in Pottstown, PA

Do you know your neighbors? Even their names? Years ago, (before the internet, video games, and cable TV), people routinely visited their neighbors, to share cups of sugar and companionship. Today, we are so ensconced in our private worlds, we resent anyone even ringing the doorbell. And sending the children out to play? Impossible. Lisa D’Amour powerfully […]

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‘God’s Favorite’ at The Thurmont Thespians

The best aspect of great community theater is you never know where you’ll find it. It could be an elaborate setting in an old movie house. It could be in a modern black box in the local community center, or possibly a small stage in a church social hall. Walking into the wood paneled and […]

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‘The Secret Garden’ at Center Stage

When I was a child, I read Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic novel, The Secret Garden. Like many other children my age, I relished the loveliness of the story and wished for a garden of my own. Although Burnett’s novel is beautifully written, I felt as though I truly saw the story come alive in the […]

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‘Detroit’ at Fells Point Corner Theatre

The facade of a blue house dominates the stage at Fells Point Corner Theatre. Sliding glass doors and a kitchen window look out onto a concrete patio, where a grill, fire pit, and a small table with chairs are ready and waiting to be used. This is the set of Detroit, a play by Lisa […]

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‘Mary Poppins’ at September Song Musical Theatre

The sure remedy for domestic dysfunction (or boredom on a summer evening) is a spoonful of sugar, a pinch of magic, and a practically perfect nanny, all of which can be acquired with a ticket to September Song Musical Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins, produced by Joan Eichhorn, directed by Debbie Mobely, and with music […]

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‘Family Portrait’ at DC Music Theatre Workshop

What do you do when home isn’t what it appears to be or even what you remember it to be? For the family of five at the heart of Family Portrait, with music and lyrics by Theo Jamieson, it’s a struggle to reconcile the hope of what a family could be with what their family […]

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‘DanceWorks Spring 2015’ at the Department of Theatre & Dance at The George Washington University

This dance variety show featuring undergraduate choreography and dancers unfolds with a consistent contemporary theme, but some pieces achieve more variety of movement than others. These Five Women, from Cat McCormack, a senior, revved the program into gear with an understated ferocity. The five female dancers, clad in long, black gowns, navigated a floor covered […]

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‘The Language Archive’ at Silver Spring Stage

The Language Archive at the Silver Spring Stage, is not a play about the language of love but of language and love, or more specifically, communication and emotion. The play centers on the marriage, now faltering, of George (Jonas David Grey) and Mary (Karen Fleming). George is a linguist. He archives languages both living and dead […]

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“It’s Only Words…But Words are All We Have”: The ‘Language Archive’ Opens Tonight at Silver Spring Stage by Lennie Magida

With so many words in the world, why do people so often have trouble finding the right ones to say to each other? It’s what Joseph Coracle calls “the conundrum of language.” Coracle is director of a play that explores that conundrum from a number of perspectives: The Language Archive, which opens Tonight,  April 10th […]

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‘The Secret Garden’ at McLean High School Choral Society

The McLean High Choral Society is putting on a magical performance of The Secret Garden even as it weathers budget cuts that did away with a formal class for a 50-year-old Renaissance-style singing troupe called the Madrigals. But the Madrigals must have hopped into Dr. Who’s TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) police box […]

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‘The Piano Teacher’ at Rep Stage by Amanda Gunther

To come from the wilderness and savagery of existence and to make the choice to be good; that is what separates the humans from the beasts, the civilized from chaos and disorder. But is it so simple a choice when those driving forces of primitive carnality surface, and how simply does one choose to turn […]

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‘The Old Masters’ at Washington Stage Guild by Leslie Weisman

We Washingtonians take pride in accomplishment, and in being duly recognized for it. And strongly dislike having our expertise challenged—particularly, publicly. Fortunately, most of us don’t have our reputations riding on being right. Or millions of dollars. Not to mention 400-year-old legacies. But then, most of us do not spend our days in Italian villas, […]

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