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An Interview with Jason Downs on ‘Why I Am Not Famous?’ at Howard Community College This Friday and Saturday 10/11&12@8 pm by Carolyn Kelemen

Multi-talented Jason Downs deliberates ‘Why Am I Not Famous?’ Howard County Community College alum/actor/singer recently discussed his touring production of Why Am I Not Famous,” slated at HCC’s Blackbox this weekend. Jason returns to his hometown for a series of workshops, rehearsals, and the evening shows featuring fellow HCC alumni, faculty, and local performers from his teenage days […]

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Film Review: ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ by Erica Laxson

If you think the sequester hit DC hard, just wait til you see what the terrorists have in store for the capitol in Olympus Has Fallen, written by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt. With current tensions heating up in the East, Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day and Tears of the Sun) has a created a culturally […]

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