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Living Dolls: A Conversation With the Five Actors Who Breathe Life Into ‘Paper Dolls’ at Mosaic

Paper Dolls, the bittersweet new musical that opened at Mosaic Theater Company two weeks ago, has produced standing ovations—and laughter and tears—at every production so far. Yet the show, which broke all records for pre-opening sales and is already one of the top box office successes in Mosaic’s history, is about a situation so improbable […]

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Review: ‘Paper Dolls’ at Mosaic Theater Company

From start to finish, Paper Dolls is a wildly entertaining and unapologetic dramedy filled with biting contradictions, provocative imagery, and endearing characters that you can’t help but root for. Adapted for the stage in 2013 by Philip Himberg, the production has a cinematic quality that pays homage to the award-winning documentary by Tomer Heymann on […]

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Report: ‘Yoga Play’ at Mosaic Theater Company Workshop Series

Yoga Play, a new work by Dipika Guha, was presented as part of Mosaic Theater Company’s 2018 Workshop Series at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on Monday, January 29th. The play was commissioned and first produced by South Coast Repertory (California) in 2017. Mosaic’s reading of Yoga Play was directed by Jennifer L. Nelson, an […]

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Erika Rose in Caleen Sinnette Jennings' Queens Girl in Africa at Mosaic Theater Company, Women's Voices Theater Festival 2018. Photo by Stan Barouh.

Erika Rose Lights Up the Stage in ‘Queens Girl in Africa’ (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

It’s no coincidence that Queens Girl in Africa—Caleen Sinnette Jennings’ semi-autobiographical one-woman play now at Mosaic Theater Company of DC—was chosen to kick off the Women’s Voices Theater Festival earlier this week. The original play, Queens Girl in the World, was the hit of the first Women’s Voices Theater Festival in 2015. Produced by Theater […]

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Actor Brian George. Photo courtesy of Mosaic Theater Company.

Interview: Beyond ‘Seinfeld,’ Brian George Moves From Sitcom to Stage in ‘Vicuña’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC

Chances are you’ve seen him before, either as an angry Pakistani cook on Seinfeld or a benign Indian doctor on The Big Bang Theory. That’s because Brian George – the character actor now dazzling audiences in the world premiere of Vicuña & The American Epilogue – has spent most of his 40-year career playing immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. […]

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Actress Allison Janney. Photo by Kate Romero.

News: The West Wing’s Allison Janney Named Honorary Chair of 2018 Women’s Voices Theater Festival

Allison Janney (The West Wing, and the Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation) is returning to Washington to lend her voice to support the 2018 Women’s Voices Theater Festival as Honorary Chair. “I was humbled that the organizers of the inaugural Women’s Voices Theater Festival invited me to join the initial Honorary Committee and […]

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Artistic Director Ari Roth.

News: Two Years After Launching Mosaic, Ari Roth Reflects

This piece, “Two Years After Launching Mosaic, Ari Roth Reflects” by Marilyn Millstone was originally published on HowlRound, a knowledge commons by and for the theatre community, on September 12, 2017. Trundling my way to DC’s Mosaic Theater aboard the city’s long-delayed, notoriously expensive but finally operational H Street trolley, I pondered why I’d petitioned […]

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Ulysses on Bottles Mosaic

Spine: ‘Ulysses on Bottles’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC, Part of the 2017 Voice From a Changing Middle East Festival

Last night, Gilad Evron’s Ulysses on Bottles opened the Mosaic Theater Company’s 2017 Voices From a Changing Middle East Festival. Described as an allegory, Evron’s Ulysses challenges contemporary American and Israeli audiences to acknowledge some stark and painful national contradictions. In a nation obsessed by legal systems, how often does legality hide the grossest injustices? […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2016 #12: Best Direction of Plays in Professional Theater in DC/MD/VA

Here are the DCMetroTheaterArts Staff’s honorees for Best Direction of Plays in Professional Theaters in 2016. Congrats to all our honorees! THE BEST DIRECTION OF PLAYS  in 2016 IN DC/MD/VA ARE: Paul Morella for A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas at Olney Theatre Center. Michael Baron for A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre. Laurie T. Freed […]

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Spine: Becoming Leila Buck’s ‘Hkeelee’ at Mosaic Theater Company

In The Protean Self, Robert Jay Lifton explores the wonders of human resilience in times of profound disturbance and change. In Hkeelee (Talk to Me), a theatrical memoir of sorts, writer and performer Leila Buck embodies that wonder, that resilience, and those dramatic changes through her real life relationship with her Teta, her Lebanese grandmother, Jeanne Lababidi. The final […]

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Review: ‘After the War’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC

When you decide to be a dissident artist–think Paul Robeson–you’d better be willing to suffer the consequences. When you challenge a nation’s founding mythology, an emotional backlash is guaranteed. In keeping with his dissident reputation, Motti Lerner and his After the War, a world premiere at Mosaic Theatre’s Voices of a Changing Middle East Festival, […]

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Magic Time! A Look at ‘Wrestling Jerusalem’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC

“It’s complicated.” So begins—on a note of supreme understatement—Writer/Performer Aaron Davidman’s captivating and insight-rich solo show, Wrestling Jerusalem, the third provocative production in Mosaic Theater’s inaugural season. The title is a play on the biblical name Israel, which originally (Genesis 32:28) meant  wrestling with God. In Wrestling Jerusalem, Davidman attempts no less a project than […]

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Review: ‘Wrestling Jerusalem’ at Mosaic Theater Company of DC

Aaron Davidman’s deeply personal solo performance, Wrestling Jerusalem, the opening gambit in Mosaic Theater’s Voices from a Changing Middle East Festival, takes its audience deep into the psychological space that is the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. You won’t be bombarded with facts or historical events, about who started what or who killed whom, or about this tragedy […]

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