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Review: ‘King John’ at 4615 Theatre Company

Scandals, sibling rivalry, adultery and divorces represented daily living for England’s royal Plantagenet family, which held the dynastic reigns of power from approximately 1120 to 1490. The Plantagenets provided enough drama for two playwrights: William Shakespeare, who wrote The Life and Death of King John, and James Goldman who wrote The Lion in Winter. Under […]

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Review: ‘The History Boys’ at The Little Theatre of Alexandria

The Little Theatre of Alexandria presents Alan Bennett’s Tony Award-winning The History Boys. Frank D. Shutts ll directs a talented cast in this rich production. Utilizing thousands of literary references and quoting hundreds of authors, this drama delves into the dense world of academia, and is perfect inspiration for intellectual debate. The technical elements work […]

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2015 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Brothel’

Playwright Isa Seyran has told forthrightly the origin story of Brothel: Reading about the extreme gender imbalance of men to women in North Dakota resulting from an oil boom thanks to fracking, Seyran was inspired to write a play set in an imaginary small-scale legal brothel there that would supply the men with fucking. Seyran […]

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2015 Capital Fringe Preview #14: ‘Brothel’ by David Siegel

“Characters at the edge of life” is how Playwright, Director, and Producer Isa Seyran described his Capital Fringe offering, Brothel. The new play is to be more that a provocative Buzzfeed worthy, click-bait title for Dudes, or a satire about an uncomfortable subject and title in these days of human trafficking. Brothel is about people […]

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Capital Fringe 2014 Review ‘As We Are’

(Best of the Capital Fringe) A widowed father in his late 50s lies in bed on a morphine drip, his body rife with cancer. Beside him is his thirty-something gay son, who has traveled to his childhood home in this small town in Kansas for what he knows will be his father’s final days. Through […]

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Capital Fringe Preview: ‘As We Are’ by Emily Sucher

Out-Side the Box Theatre is thrilled to present its fourth staged production in this year’s Capital Fringe: As We Are, by Larry E. Blossom. Each Blossom play seeks to explore a weighty subject, relevant to present-day audiences, and elicit dialogue on its real-life significance. A Family Reunion (2011) examined the impact of human trafficking on an American family,  The […]

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‘Habeas Corpus’ at Greenbelt Arts Center

Somewhere between the loving and the lying, the kissing and the crying, and the living and the dying is a British farce called Habeas Corpus. Written by Alan Bennett and Directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell, this tarty little romp is now appearing on the stage at the Greenbelts Arts Center for just a brief period of […]

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