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Reviews: The Washington Ballet’s ‘Carmina Burana’ and ‘Bowie/Queen’

Going Out With a Bang: The Washington Ballet’s Carmina Burana and Bowie/Queen The standing ovation came before a single dancer took the stage. It lasted about two minutes to honor the final time The Washington Ballet’s loyal opening night audience would hear the game-show like introduction: “Ladieeeessssss and Gentlemen, Septiiiiiiiiime Webre.” Bounding onto the stage in […]

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Yvonne French To Report From U.S. Institute of Theater Technology’s 55th Annual Conference & Stage Expo

Stay tuned next Wednesday, March 18, 2015, as DCMetroTheaterArts technology reporter Yvonne French travels to Cincinnati to cover the U.S. Institute of Theater Technology’s 55th Annual Conference & Stage Expo. “Most audiences at a performance don’t stop to consider everything it takes to get to that point. The performance is just the tip of the entertainment iceberg. […]

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An Interview With Washington, DC Piano Sensation Thomas Pandolfi About Classical and Popular Music and the Artist’s Life

If Thomas Pandolfi hasn’t done all that a pianist can do to present an exceptionally broad range of music to an engaged public, he certainly seems determined to. The D.C. native, one of the area’s leading up-and-coming classical pianists on the national and world stage, is happy to test boundaries to find out what works […]

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Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons at Strathmore

Just too good to be true, we can’t take our eyes off Frankie Vallie and his crew The Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons show at Strathmore last night was sold out and so is tonight’s performance. For a good reason. No matter your age or the size of your waistline, Frankie and his gang are […]

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‘Masquerade’ at Wolf Pack Theatre Company

When I was watching Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s intense Masquerade last night, written and directed by William D. Leary, I shook my head several times and covered my ears at other times because what I was watching and hearing was a family – a mother, father, sister, brother, and grandmother screaming out for understanding: Why did their […]

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Meet the Cast of Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s ‘Masquerade’ Part 6: Carol V. Calhoun (Emma)

In Part Six of a series of interviews with the cast of Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s production of Masquerade, meet Carol V. Calhoun (Emma).  Joel: Where have theatregoers seen you perform on the stage? Carol: “The Flood” in The Vagina Monologues with the Rude Mechanicals at Greenbelt Arts Center. -Meg in The Actor’s Nightmare with Chevy Chase Players at […]

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‘The Velocity of Autumn’ to Open on Broadway at The Booth Theatre on April 21, 2014 and Previews Begin April 1, 2014

The Velocity of Autum is off to Broadway’s The Booth Theatre! “A bracing, honest and deliciously funny performance played with wonderful gritand wit by the great actress Estelle Parsons.” – The New York Times “Estelle Parsons is sublime in a delightfully nuanced performance with exuberance and sensitivity” – Variety “The team of Parsons and Spinella feels right for almost any occasion.  You’re in the presence of actors of the top rank under Molly Smith’s unassailable direction.” – The Washington Post  Estelle […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Sesquicentennial – The Civil War Remembered’ with “Country Joe” Rosier-Part 2-Ulysses S. Grant’ by Yvonne French

General Ulysses S. Grant returned to Washington on Sunday not seven blocks from where he was once turned away from the Willard Hotel when he was in town to visit President Abraham Lincoln. This time he gets a warm reception from an audience of Fringe Festival theatergoers, who also have a role in this one-act […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Sesquicentennial – The Civil War Remembered’ with “Country Joe” Rosier – Part 1: General Robert E. Lee’ by Yvonne French

In this 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, Washington, D.C., is lucky to have storyteller “Country Joe” Rosier create living histories of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant especially for the Capital Fringe Festival. This review covers his one-man show about Lee, Reflections of General Robert E. Lee. Sunday’s review will […]

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Michael John Casey.

Local Actor Michael John Casey Directs Two Shows at ‘Arts on the Horizon’ by Michelle Kozlak

Arts on the Horizon, the first dedicated theater for very young children in the United States, presents its world-premiere production of The Young Spectaculars and the Front Yard Adventure February 22 through March 9, 2013 at Downtown Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. This interactive nonverbal play with music, conceived by David Kilpatrick and directed by local actor, Michael […]

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