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‘Hansel and Gretel’ at The Puppet Co.

The Puppet Co. presents a kinder version of the childhood classic Hansel and Gretel. Inspired by Engelbert Humperdinck’s operatic version Hänsel und Gretel, instead of the wider-known version by the Brothers Grimm, and adapted for puppetry by Len, Pat, and Christopher Piper, this production trades out the murderous stepmother for a gentler one, and includes an array of […]

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DCMTA’S “Favorite Quotes From Our Favorite Shows of the Week” – November 22-29, 2012 by Joel Markowitz

Here’s something new on DCMetroTheaterArts! Every Friday, I will be posting my favorite quotes from our 5-star reviews of the week. Here we go! (1) Dreamgirls at Signature Theatre. Andrew L. Baughman: “You’re gonna love me,” wails Nova Y. Payton as cast-off lead singer Effie White in the showstopper Act I finale of Signature’s Dreamgirls. Payton makes […]

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