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Capital Fringe 2014 Review: ‘À Demain’

Brendan O’Connell creates a memoir after the death of his friend. It’s a surprisingly funny show that nevertheless perfectly captures the permanence of grief. As he says at one point, “There is no day off.”  O’Connell also directs and plays the main character Beej, a student and aspiring stand-up comedian. Johnny’s ghost (Ryan O’Connell) visits […]

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Artwork by Tom Klinedinst of grouptdesign.

Capital Fringe Review: ‘Dark House’ by Flora Scott

Dark House, written by Tarpley Long, is the original title of William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! and the current title of her take on it. It’s the bleak account of a prominent Washington DC family’s unraveling through three decades. The recounting of generations flutter amidst the 60s, 70s and 80s  Degenerated by greed, power, classism, discrimination, […]

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Capital Fringe Review: “The Snuff Musical’ by Maddie Gaw

They’ll make anything into a musical these days. Well, not just anything. Any movie gets a musical these days. If all future movie-based musicals are half as clever as The Snuff Musical, then we might be in good shape. This is a self-aware and biting satire about the perceived current state of musical theatre, and […]

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sixteen (2)

2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ’43 and a ½: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies’ by Emily Crockett and Sun King Davis

“Exeunt!” It’s a fancy Shakespearean word that means nothing fancier than “everybody leaves.” Yet it brings to mind flourishing capes, actors strutting dramatically into the wings, and velvet curtains dropping. And that’s where the idea for 43 and a ½: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies began. Too often, people say that Shakespeare isn’t actually […]

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Insurance investigator James T. Shannon (Jeff Mocho) admonishes Abie Moscovitz (Larry Levinson), the owner of a one-man tailor shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in the Dead Cat's production of 'The Interview.'

Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Interview’ by Anne Tsang

“I didn’t make these decisions, they were made by people much smarter than you or I” says James Shannon in Peter Swet’s The Interview, currently playing at the Capital Fringe Festival. That’s the way I felt when I signed up to review this show. This show wasn’t one of the ones I had originally picked […]

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John Bellamo

Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Dead Man’s Mambo’ by John Bellomo

Philadelphia based OMBELICO Mask Ensemble is presenting the D.C. Premiere of Dead Man’s Mambo as part of the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival. Dead Man’s Mambo is a unique mix of highly structured scenario, wildly improvised performance and live music. Written and conceived by OME Co-Artistic Directors John Bellomo and Brendon Gawel, performed by Bellomo, directed by Gawel and with live music composed […]

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