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Review: ‘Digital Eye: Interactive Event Merging Theater Explores Privacy in the Digital Age’ at Blind Whino SW Arts Club

 Big Brother Really, Really Likes You Your online identity does not belong to you. Digital Eye, a transatlantic theater project that was presented Monday and Tuesday, October 16-17, at Blind Whino SW Arts Club in DC, explores the implications of this fact, in our new, anything-goes, digital universe. Not only is Big Brother watching you, […]

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200x200 neverwhere

Review: ‘Neverwhere’ at Rorschach Theatre

In 1582, a village parson heard the deathbed confession of a man named Richard Barley, who had married his butter churn. Barley claimed he had been bewitched into matrimony by a fairy called Apron Jon whom Barley had spurned at market. Barley knew the marriage wasn’t holy in the eyes of God, but remained with […]

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Spine: ‘Rameau’s Nephew’ at Spooky Action Theater

The 18th century French playwright and philosopher Denis Diderot is known best among theatre folk for his theoretical writings: on the actor, the 4th Wall, and the emergence of scenography as an aesthetic element. With Rameau’s Nephew, now playing at Spooky Action Theatre, we see the cultural critic and the playwright merge, and with it the birth […]

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Review: ‘Rameau’s Nephew’ at Spooky Action Theater

An intellectually manic world, propelled by a charming, whimsical disrupter with an abundance of prickly opinions aimed at the cultural elite, awaits audiences at Spooky Action Theater. It is Rameau’s Nephew, happily for me, far from a sit-down, drawing room comedy full of good manners. Rameau’s Nephew is an appealing production; a fresh modern amusement based […]

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Review: ‘Happy Hour’ at Spooky Action Theater

A ticking clock is an amazing motivator. So is competition. Blend them together with a dose of live theatre and some spectacular technology, and you have Happy Hour, created by machina Ex and presented by Spooky Action Theater, in partnership with Goethe-Institut Washington. Originally performed in a bar (hence the name) in Germany in 2012, machina Ex […]

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Review: ‘in a word’ at The Hub Theatre

By the time you realize that you’ve been emotionally captured by in a word, the breathtaking drama now playing at The Hub Theatre in Fairfax, it is too late to escape. Not that you would want to. Because in a brief 80 minutes, the story spun by Playwright Lauren Yee and Director Matt Bassett is […]

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Flying V Fights: ’Heroes & Monsters’ at Flying V Theatre

Bold, gallant heroes; terrifying, grim monsters; beautiful young love; fear; heroism; nostalgia; excitement: these are just a few of the things you’ll experience at Heroes & Monsters. In its first show since being named the 2015 Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company by the Helen Hayes Awards, Flying V Theatre proved just why it deserves the title […]

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Capital Fringe 2014 Review: ‘Dream Love’

(Best of the Capital Fringe) Ryan Tumulty’s devised movement piece Dream Love is a surreal combination of dance and theater, switching back and forth from scene to choreography to illustrate the story of six people rocked by their own tumultuous relationships. “Dance when you’re broken,” suggests the program of the Avalanche Theatre Company’s new dance […]

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‘Love is a Battlefield’ at Flying V

Pat Benatar never could have seen this coming. That her signature hit from yesteryear, “Love is a Battlefield” would be utilized so forcefully and literally in Flying V Theatre’s wonderful devised piece of the same name could never have been imagined by the 80’s pop diva. And yet I’ve never seen one of Ms. Benatar’s […]

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Matthew Alan Ward, Hector-Ruben Jimenez Reynoso, Benjamin Cunis and Dan Istrate. Photo by Johnny Shyrock.

‘The Three Musketeers’ at Synetic Theater by Natalie McCabe

In his Director’s Notes, Paata Tsikurishvili quotes a line from Hamlet: “Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.” In its latest show, The Three Musketeers, written by brothers Ben Cunis and Peter Cunis, Synetic Theater does just that, including spoken dialogue along with the physical movement that so beautifully characterizes their […]

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