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Danielle Davy and Nanna Ingvarsson. Photo by Jae Yi Photography.

Magic Time!: ‘Guilt’ at Scena Theatre

Sex and guilt were linked in superstition before institutional Christianity came on the scene, but thanks to the medieval Catholic Church they got hooked up with theology too. It was in the runup to the church’s crackpot Inquisition that three senses of the word possession—as carnal, religious, and demonic—got all mushed together. And western civilization […]

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Review: ‘Fear Eats the Soul’ at Scena Theatre

As part of its 30th anniversary season, Scena Theatre has offered a stage adaptation of late German film auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1974 film Fear Eats the Soul, translated and adapted by Anthony Vivis, about the love and marriage of a Moroccan immigrant and a German woman. Director, and Scena Theatre’s Artistic Director, Robert McNamara […]

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Night 4

Review: ‘The Night Alive’ at Scena Theatre

Irish playwright Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive is a story of lost souls seeking redemption, of searching for a light in the darkness. Presented by Scena Theatre, the characters’ cheeky banter masks deeper questions that they are wrestling with. The show balances humor and heart—no mean feat for Director Robert McNamara, who guides this show […]

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Magic Time! ‘Someone Is Going to Come’ at Scena Theatre

Someone Is Going to Come is a comedy of menace with a roiling undercurrent of sexual tension. It evokes ominous noirish goings-on in a scary remote locale told in stark idiosyncratic dialogue. And it’s funny as all get out. Scena Theatre’s impeccably perturbing production of the Norwegian dramatist Jon Fosse’s biting three-hander had me howling […]

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Review: ‘Someone Is Going to Come’ at Scena Theatre

Scena Theatre’s Someone Is Going to Come is a tightly wound riddle about danger; the lightly concealed danger lurking in a couple’s push-pull of a relationship that is further inflamed with an unforeseen entanglement. With plaintive, spare dialogue full of sharp darts, Someone Is Going to Come is a rare sighting from Norwegian playwright Jon […]

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Review: ‘Report to an Academy’ at Scena Theatre

Scena Theatre opens the company’s 30th Anniversary Season with Report to an Academy, an emotionally powerful drama. Report to an Academy is based on the 1917 classic short story by Franz Kafka. According to the Scena website,” His characters often venture on a terrifying quest enduring physical and psychological torture….McNamara will compel patrons to ponder the issues of free […]

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Review: ‘War of the Worlds’ at Scena Theatre

Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds is infamous for having incited a mini UFO panic due to its vivid and realistic descriptions of a fictitious Martian invasion. The iconic actor and director Welles used techniques that were, at the time, groundbreaking: “interrupting” the musical interludes in a way that mimicked actual breaking […]

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‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at Scena Theatre

Scena Theatre has brought back its hit 2011 production of The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy of errors, and DC’s summer just got wittier and sweeter. In Scena’s delectable staging, the show plays like a clockwork confection, and serves up Wilde’s biting bon mots like a shop full of bon bons. With a […]

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Nibbles and Sips Around Town: ‘America Eats Tavern Holds Inaugural Virginia Festival, Bloomsday Celebration, Blue Duck Tavern Rhapsodizes About Ice Cream, Mitsitam Gets a New Chef, and We Get His Wild Rice Bars Recipe’

As expected tons of events are crammed into the month of June. Why? There seems to be a totally unfounded impression that we are all darting off to faraway lands. We wish! Here’s where we went (Chapter One) and here’s one that’s happening right now.  America Eats Tavern Celebrates Virginia  There’s still time to catch […]

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‘Last of the Boys’ at Fells Point Corner Theatre

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, we prepare for barbecues and trips to the beach, but some of us forget about the true reason for the three-day weekend: acknowledging the accomplishments of those who have served our country. In his bio for the Last of the Boys program, Director Barry Feinstein commends Fells Point Corner Theatre for […]

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‘The Norwegians’ at Scena Theatre

Norway is one of those small, gentle countries that we may not think of too often. In its Scandinavian quiescence, it hums along with its cold weather and sterling social services. But in C. Denby Swanson’s black comedy The Norwegians, playing now at Scena Theatre, the land of fjords and fish takes center stage, literally. […]

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Othello DCMTA ad 200x200

‘Othello’ at WSC Avant Bard

T.S. Eliot’s great poem The Hollow Men is sometimes said to be about the shell-shocked soldiers of the First World War. (“We are the hollow men/We are the stuffed men/ Leaning together /Headpiece filled with straw.”) In a time when there are homeless veterans, it is a real service to remind us of the suffering […]

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BEST OF 2015 200X200 PIXELS

DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2015 #18: Best Directors of a Play in Professional Theatres

The staff of DCMetroTheaterArts is honored to announce that their 2015 Best Directors of Plays in Professional Theatres go to: Chris Abraham for Winners and Losers at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. Ian Allen for George is Dead at The Klunch. Matt Bassett for The Typographer’s Dream at The Hub Theatre. Hanna Bondarewska for The Trap at Ambassador Theater. Joe […]

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‘Handbag’ at Scena Theatre

In the past week, I’ve had the mixed blessing of seeing some very good shows that put the very bad side of human nature on gruesome display. The characters in Scena’s Handbag, a daring pitch black comedy by British playwright Mark Ravenhill, are not so much bad as they are supremely fucked up. They lie […]

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An Interview with Scena Theatre’s ‘Handbag’ Director Robert McNamara and Cast Members Anne Nottage, Amanda Forstrom, and Haely Jardas

I had the honor of interviewing Director Robert McNamara and cast members Anne Nottage, Amanda Forstrom, and Haely Jardas from Scena Theatre’s Handbag, which begins performances tonight. Michael: Thanks so much for sitting down with me today. Could you all introduce yourselves and tell us where in the past year we may have seen your work around […]

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Molly 200 x 200 Atlas

‘Molly’ at Scena Theatre

Scena has gone green, and I’m not talking about reusable grocery bags. Concurrent with their production of Conor McPherson’s Shining City, Scena is mounting the world premiere of Molly, an original one-woman show written by author and academic George O’Brien. The show revolves around the titular Molly Allgood (Danielle Davy), an actress who worked at […]

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Shining City 200 x 200 Atlas

‘Shining City’ at Scena Theatre

Conor McPherson loves the supernatural. His plays exude an otherworldliness that seeps into the dialogue and infects the players. But, his plays aren’t about the supernatural. They seem to highlight the underpinning passion and intricacy of the lives that spin around the ghosts and the visions that his characters perceive. And, there is always the […]

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