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Hairy Ape Featured

Review: ‘The Hairy Ape’ at Spotlighters

The Hairy Ape, written by Eugene O’Neill and directed at Spotlighters Theatre by Sherrionne Brown, is a testament to the human condition. Written in 1922, this expressionist play is about a man that works in the stokehold of an ocean liner who begins to question his position in society when an upper class woman, on […]

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200x200 She Kills Monsters

Review: ‘She Kills Monsters’ at Spotlighters

“My party is a leather-clad dominatrix and an Elvin supermodel?” Shimmy into your chainmail and grab a broadsword, there’s an awesome campaign starting at Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre (Spotlighters) and they’re still looking for adventurers for their party. Spotlighters’ penultimate production of the season, Playwright Qui Nguyen’s AATE Distinguished Play Award-winning She Kills Monsters, will […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2016 #13: Best Direction and Musical Direction in Musicals and Best Direction of Plays in Community Theatres in DC/MD/VA

The staff of DCMetroTheaterArts Best Direction and Musical Direction in Musicals and Best Direction of Plays of 2016 in Community Theatres in DC/VA/MD Are: BEST DIRECTION AND MUSICAL DIRECTION IN MUSICALS IN COMMUNITY THEATRES IN 2016 IN DC/MD/VA ARE: Director Kevin Sockwell and Musical Director Arielle Bayer for A Grand Night for Singing at Montgomery Playhouse and […]

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Review: ‘Marx in Soho’ at Spotlighters Theatre

Have you ever wished you could return to a conversation after-the-fact to clarify a misunderstanding? So did Karl Marx, at least in the witty and poignant one-man show, Marx in Soho, which is playing through September 18th at The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre (“Spotlighters.”) The show, directed by Sherrionne Brown, is rousing, intellectual and fun. […]

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‘Incorruptible’ at The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre

When times get tough you have to keep stretching the flour, or in this case the miracles. And remember, that miracles make saints and not the other way around. Unless of course you’re The Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre trying to make saints into miracles with their production of Michael Hollinger’s Incorruptible. Directed by Sherrionne Brown, […]

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‘Harvey’ at Vagabond Players by Amanda Gunther

People are people no matter where you go. Unless they’re not people, in which case they might be a giant white rabbit measuring in at six feet eight inches— I’m sorry, six feet eight and a half inches— they might just be a Pooka. What’s a Pooka? Look it up! Or head down to The […]

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(l to r) Sibyl (Rachel Holmes), Elyot (Michael P. Sullivan), Louise (Stephy Miller), Amanda (Ann Turiano), and Victor (Darren McDonnell). Photo by Ken Stanek Photography.

‘Private Lives’ at Vagabond Players by Amanda Gunther

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is. Particularly when one is on one’s honeymoon. Their second honeymoon with their second husband. Especially when one’s first husband is on his honeymoon with his second wife. In the adjoining balcony suite of the exact same hotel. The only thing that could make such a comedy better were if […]

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(l to r) Detective Mark McPherson (Greg Guyton), Shelby Carpenter (Jeb Beard), Detective Chen (Eric Chen) and Waldo Lydecker (Phil Gallagher). Photo by James Hunnicut and Cockpit in Court.

‘Laura’ at Cockpit in Court by Amanda Gunther

The dark and stormy night. The shadowy detective. The dame in distress. The murder. The mystery. All of the signature notes of crime noir are bundled up in one tight suspenseful package as Cockpit in Court presents its final stage show of its 40th Anniversary season in the 1940’s film classic adapted for the stage Laura. […]

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Cosme McMoon (Scott D. Farquhar) and Florence Foster-Jenkins (Sherrionne Brown). Photo by Ken Stanek.

‘Souvenir’ at Vagabond Players by Amanda Gunther

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perhaps the same can be said of how beauty is heard. In this case the ear of the beholder belongs to a charming tone-deaf diva who believes she has been blessed with perfect pitch. The Vagabond Players closes its 96th season with the poignant comedy Souvenir: A […]

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