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200x200 Caligari

Review: ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ featuring Tom Teasley at Constellation Theatre Company

When The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari hit German movie screens in 1920, it baffled and delighted audiences who had primarily been entertaining themselves with annual Film Festivals of Fred Ott’s sneeze and footage of trains. Techniques that we take for granted today – flashbacks, special effects, Germans, twist endings – were deployed first by the […]

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Lex Davis as Doctor Caligari. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Doctor Caligari’ at Pointless Theatre Company

The Pointless Theatre Company troupe has taken on a major “dare” in adapting a landmark silent expressionist cult film into to a live stage production. Doctor Caligari from Pointless evokes the pounding fear and elevated heart rate of the descent into madness based upon the stylized German Expressionist black-and-white-and-many shades of gray nearly century old […]

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