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Judyisms: ‘How I Dealt With Burnout’

For someone with a really, really good life, nice home, talent that reveals itself in many areas, a radio show that I adore doing and people (I hear) adore listening to, healthy family and pets … even with all that life can be a bit disturbing sometimes. Why I constantly ask myself? I had absolutely no […]

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Julian Elijah Martinez and Jonathan Feuer. Photo by Melissa Blackall

‘9 Circles’ at Forum Theatre by Natalie McCabe

With soldiers still encountering difficult conditions, to say the least, in Afghanistan and more veterans attempting to reconcile acts committed in the intensity of war with the decorum expected at home, Forum Theatre’s 9 Circles comes at a very apt time. Written by Bill Cain and directed by Jennifer L. Nelson, the play, in its […]

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‘The Bubby Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin’ at StillPointe TI & Strand Theater Company by Amanda Gunther

If you’re ready to find your groove, and get your bubbly on than The Bubby Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin is the musical for you. A co-production between StillPointe Theatre Initiative and Strand Theater Company this uplifting musical brings to life the importance of being true to one’s own identity. Quoting Artistic Director of […]

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The Lunch & Judy Show: ‘Men VS. Women’ by Judy Stadt

I am the host and creator and writer and editor of The Lunch and Judy Show. For four years – every week – DCMTA’s Joel Markowitz  and I have been schmoozing for 4 years about theatre in DC, Philly and NYC and other things…like what was happening in our lives. Joel calls it ‘free therapy.’ […]

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