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‘The Music Man’ at 2nd Star Productions

Second Star’s current production of The Music Man takes its audiences back a full century to the (fictional) town of River City, Iowa in 1912. This classic tale of a con-artist who wins over skeptical townspeople and finds love along the way will enchant you and get your toes tapping. This version of the musical, with […]

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Music Man Square Gimp (1)

‘The Music Man’ at Rockville Musical Theatre

Can music really save your mortal soul? Could the right mixture of song and human kindness reform a career swindler? These questions emerge in Meredith Wilson and Franklin Lacey’s The Music Man. This July, Rockville Musical Theatre presents The Music Man at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville, MD. Although it is a musical […]

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Marion Paroo (Jenna Milkewicz), Marcellus Washburn, (Jordan B. Stocksdale), and Professor Harold Hill (Steve Steele) with the ensemble of Way Off Broadway's 'The Music Man.' Photo by Justin Kiska.

‘The Music Man’ at Way Off Broadway by Amanda Gunther

To serve up a heaping dish of musical theatre comfort food you’ve got to know the territory! And egads do they up at the Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre as the 76 trombones march Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man onto the stage for their Fall production. Directed by Bill Kiska, with musical direction provided by […]

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