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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Medieval Story Land’ by Anne Tsang

Medieval Story Land (Written and Co-Produced by Scott Courlander) is this uproariously funny story of an innocent and naïve elf with a heart of gold named Todd (Forrest Rilling) who meets the mysterious Millennium Wizard (Michael Galizia). Todd learns from the wizard that it is his destiny to save Medieval Story Land from the Dark […]

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Capital Fringe Review: ‘Where in the World? The Untold Story of Camilla Sanfrancisco’ by Jessica Vaughan

Where in the world is Camilla Sanfrancisco? is pure, well-produced fun. Jeff Vonch is both co-writer and producer, with fellow writers Patrick English and J. Adrian Verkourteren. Under the sure direction of Patrick Magill, this musical shines. Camilla Sanfrancisco is the light-hearted story of a character very familiar to anyone who was a kid in […]

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Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Where in the World? The Untold Story of Camilla Sanfrancisco’ by Patrick English

In her Iconic red trench coat and fedora, Carmen Sandiego has been the subject of a computer game, a cartoon, and a children’s game show. She steals famous artifacts from across the globe and in the process teaches children about geography. But what is the tale behind this mysterious villainess? “Is she bad? Is she […]

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