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Review: ‘Assassins’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

This season for whatever reason—and far be it from me to speculate—three theater companies in the nation’s capital are presenting Stephen Sondheim’s tunefully insolent tribute to presidential assassins. Well, tribute might not quite be right. The story told in Sondheim’s music and lyrics and John Weidman’s book is actually more a theatrical visit to the […]

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Review: ‘Crazy Mary Lincoln’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

Crazy Mary Lincoln, has received an appealing, open-hearted, ardent regional premiere production from Pallas Theatre Collective. The musical focuses new light on the long, woe-filled life of Mary Todd Lincoln, the widow of President Abraham Lincoln. What I took away from Crazy Mary Lincoln, was this she was a woman who resisted, was warned, persisted, […]

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Review: ‘Lost in Wonderland’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

 ‘Lost in Wonderland’: Journeys Through an Author’s Imagination Have you ever wanted to ask a famous, classic author, say a Mark Twain or an Edgar Allen Poe how and why they shaped their characters the way they did? The characters in classic author Lewis Carroll’s (aka Charles Dodgson) Alice in Wonderland get to do just that […]

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BEST OF 2015 200X200 PIXELS

DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2015 #15: Best Directors of Musicals in Professional Theatres

The staff of DCMetroTheaterArts is honored to announce that their 2015 Best Directors of Musicals in Professional Theatres honors go to: Patrick A’Hearn for The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Riverside Center Dinner Theater. Melissa Baughman for Sweeney Todd (Prog-Metal Version) at Landless Theatre Company. Suzanne Beal for The Gifts of the Magi at Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Walter […]

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‘code name: Cynthia’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

Stephen Sondheim would do well to watch his back. Pallas Theatre Collective has just mounted a new musical, code name: Cynthia, that is just as smart and pointed in its book and lyrics and just as telling and theatrical in its musical score as anything the modern master of sophisticated musicals has delivered lately—maybe more […]

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A New Spy Musical Ready to Seduce DC Audiences at Pallas Theatre Collective by Ty Hallmark

Summer 2015 is turning out to be the season of original musicals making their premieres with Washington area theaters. One of the most anticipated and appropriately “local” offerings opens this week at Pallas Theatre Collective. code name: CYNTHIA was born at the International Spy Museum, conceived by Chicago writers Steve & Karen Multer who hoped all […]

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‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ at Pallas Theatre Collective

Were Betty Friedan and H.P. Lovecraft to have a baby, Pallas Theatre Collective’s new musical, might be their demented offspring. The show (with music by Sarah Taylor Ellis, book and lyrics by Lane Williamson) tells the story of a woman known only as “wife” (Ty Hallmark) who is confined to a single room due to […]

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Rachel Menyuk (The Nun), and Maya Jackson (The Host). Photo by Mel Bieler.

‘Canterbury’ at Pointless Theatre by Pat Davis

It is not exactly Chaucer’s England. Here there are moat bears. There is chocolate, too, along with women who want inordinate quantities of it. Instead of passing the daffodils while on horseback, these pilgrims are in a bar. It is the night before they set off for Canterbury. Inn and bar owner Tabby (Maya Jackson), […]

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Part 3: ‘On the Road From Canterbury to Pointless Theatre’ by Scott Whalen

Found Object Puppetry Puppetry is one of the world’s oldest performance styles. It is an art that spans millennia, continents, cultures, and mediums. Whether it be banraku puppets from Japan or shadow puppets from China; marionettes from Germany or Jim Henson’s Muppets–all puppets have one thing in common: they are inanimate objects animated or manipulated  to […]

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Peter Filichia.

Filichia on Friday: ‘The 2013 Broadway University Mid-Term Exam’ by Peter Filichia

Here is this week’s new article from Peter Filichia’s column on Kritzerland called ‘Filichia on Friday.‘ It’s an honor being allowed to bring Peter’s column every week to our readers on DCMTA. This week: Take the 2013 Broadway University Exam! Peter Filichia is a New York-based theater critic for The Newark Star Ledger newspaper in New Jersey and […]

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‘The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on’ Part 6 – ‘Opening Night Reflections’ by Caroline Brent

So…after countless hours rehearsing, processing videos, recording voiceovers, constructing a giant chessboard, and studying dream theory, WE’VE MADE IT! Pallas Theatre’s The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on opened yesterday evening, to a packed house. Now with eight more performances to go, we couldn’t be more excited. Our Casting Director Ty Hallmark mentioned […]

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The ‘sample’ chessboard used throughout the show.

Part 4: ‘The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on:Chessboards & Sea-faring’ by Tracey Elaine Chessum,Ph.D.

Pallas Theatre Collective’s The Tempest: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on – Chessboards and Sea-faring. Last week, Board President John Horman gave you a picture of his experience with Pallas Theatre Collective. This week, we’d like to offer you an inside look at the design and technical creation of The Tempest: Such Stuff as […]

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