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‘Chimerica’ at The Studio Theatre

Lucy Kirkwood did not think up the word Chimerica—it was coined by a historian and an economist to name the combustably combined economies of China and the U.S. But wowza did she think up a whiz-bang thriller of a play about it. Chimerica the play—just opened at The Studio Theatre in a crackerjack production—runs three-plus […]

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School in Crisis in Michele Riml’s ‘Rage’

In Michele Riml’s Rage, winner of the 2005 Sydney Risk Prize and 2008 winner of the Jessie Richardson Award, an after school counseling session unexpectedly turns into a blood-chilling ‘duel’ between a disturbed, radical student and his New Age, pacifist guidance counselor, Laura. Disillusioned with life and day to day existence Raymond, who prefers to be […]

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2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview ‘Impossible to Translate But I’ll Try – True-Life Israeli Stories’ by Noa Baum

Acclaimed Storyteller Noa Baum shares delicious Israeli stories never seen on the news, in her Capital Fringe debut of: Impossible to Translate But I’ll Try – True-Life Israeli Stories. Impossible To Translate offers fringe audiences a chance to experience more about growing up in Israel than Moses and matzos or war. There is a fresh […]

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Eric Davis in 'Red Bastard.'

‘Red Bastard’ at Warehouse Theater by Flora Scott

His Mission: To Charm, Disarm, Shock, and Seduce…His Target: YOU. But when I checked out his website, he looked rather menacing to me. I was a bit scared. I was scheduled to review Red Bastard on it’s premiere night in DC, but because sometimes I get depressed and there were tornado warnings – it was […]

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