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Spine: Love and Menace in ‘The Lover’ and ‘The Collection’ at Shakespeare Theatre Company

Early Pinter is marked by menace. The Room, The Birthday Party, and The Homecoming leave a chill in the air, and in the audience’s agitated brain. We are disturbed as much by what we don’t know as by what we can extrapolate from cryptic innuendo. The Lover and The Collection, two early Pinter one-acts now playing at The Shakespeare Theatre Company, have but […]

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200x200 neverwhere

Review: ‘Neverwhere’ at Rorschach Theatre

In 1582, a village parson heard the deathbed confession of a man named Richard Barley, who had married his butter churn. Barley claimed he had been bewitched into matrimony by a fairy called Apron Jon whom Barley had spurned at market. Barley knew the marriage wasn’t holy in the eyes of God, but remained with […]

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Friendship DCMTA ad 200x200 r copy

‘Friendship Betrayed’ at WSC Avant Bard

Put 1630s Spain and 1920s America into a cocktail shaker, shake well, and you get WSC Avant Bard’s sparkling update of María de Zayas y Sotomayor’s 1632 play Friendship Betrayed. Translated by Catherine Larson and directed by Kari Ginsburg, the play conveys timeless themes about love and friendship with a wit and energy that feel […]

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Source Festival: “The Thrush and the Woodpecker’

As a self-described launching pad for plays, the Source Festival offers writers and artists an opportunity to incubate promising new work, even if scripts exist in but a fledgling state. Such is the case for Steve Yockey’s The Thrush and the Woodpecker, a fascinating new morality play that features elements of greatness despite the opacity […]

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200x200 Orlando DCMTA 2-21-14

‘Orlando’ at WSC Avant Bard by Sophia Howes

Orlando: Right You Are, if You Think You Are In Some Like It Hot (directed by Billy Wilder) Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, on the lam after witnessing a mob killing, pose as girls in an all-girls band with lead singer Marilyn Monroe. Lemmon becomes so enraptured with his female character that he begins to […]

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‘Glassheart’ at Rorschach Theatre by John Stoltenberg

The evening began enchantingly. The audience was seated on four sides of a square playing area lit by stage lighting, so we could look across and see one another’s faces in that wonderful expectant caesura between life and art. As the lights lowered, a dancerly figure emerged—a petite woman who moved with transfixing grace and […]

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‘Neverwhere’ at Rorschach Theatre by Amanda Gunther

You have a good heart, and sometimes it’s enough to see you through life, but mostly it’s not. A riveting urban fantasy from fiction-writer mastermind Neil Gaiman comes to life on the stage as Rorschach Theatre presents the area premier of Neverwhere, adapted for the stage by Robert Kauzlaric. Directed by Jenny McConnell Frederick, this […]

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Scott Sedar, Patrick Lion Tamer Joy, Keith Waters, Megan D., Bethany Michel, Keith Irby, Darius Tyrus Epps, Jefferson Farber, Ian LeValley, Philip L. McLeod, and Misty Demory. Photo by C. Stanley Photography.

‘Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism & the Cortical Titanic’ at Capital Fringe by Cyle Durkee

I scarcely know where to begin. Hemispheric Dysfunctionalism & the Cortical Titanic moves through the treacherous waters of involved philosophical musings like the Titanic maneuvered through the north Atlantic (this thought is not going where you think it is {wait for it}). Smoothly at first, the show sails along with some theatrical beauty (Ian LeValley is […]

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Blore Unmasked Pictured L to R Standing, David James, Richard Isaacs, Bailey R. Center, Evan Milberg, Seated Gary Cramer, and Jenni Patton. Photo by Doug Olmsted.

‘And Then There Were None’ at Aldersgate Church Community Theater by Julia L. Exline

Aldersgate Church Community Theater presents Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, a captivating murder mystery directed by Roland Gomez. Originally a novel (that became one of the best-selling novels of all time) And Then There Were None has undergone several adaptations for film, radio, and of course, the stage. True to her reputation as […]

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Terri Magers (Melpomene), Ally Jenkins (Calliope),Carey Rausch (Polyhmnia), Maura Lacy (Clio),Jacob Waeyaert (Terpsicore), Tim Eichelberger (Bob), Karilee Grossnickle (Euterpe). Photo by Amanda M. Williams.

‘Xanadu’ at Landless Theatre Company by Mike Spain

Landless Theatre Company’s production of the musical Xanadu at the Frederick Cultural Arts Center provides an evening of fun, and exciting, and crazy entertainment. You can upgrade your ticket for $5 more and join into the chaotic fun complete with bubbles, confetti, and other props for a unique theater experience. If you sit near the front […]

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