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Review: ‘The Lucky One’ at Mint Theater Company

Every now and then it’s refreshing to turn on the time travel clock and return to what we then called “civilization” circa 1920. You know, after the war to end all wars, before the jazz babies really became the rockers of their day, when “civilized” meant well-spoken, when dry humor was considered humor’s most unpolluted […]

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Review: ‘The River’ at Spooky Action Theater

Jez Butterworth’s The River does not yield itself to easy interpretations. Uncertainty flows through the story, jostling us repeatedly. Its questions about truth and morality are specific and seismic at the same time. Under the sensitive direction of Rebecca Holderness, Spooky Action Theater’s new production of this 2012 play coaxes out its universal themes which Holderness […]

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‘Last of the Whyos’ at Spooky Action Theater

What do sea lions, circus freaks, and 19th century gang violence have in common? Nothing. But they all feature prominently in Spooky Action Theater’s intriguing, baffling, and brilliantly designed world Premiere of Last of the Whyos, a new play by New York-based playwright Barbara Wiechmann. I won’t presume to elaborate on what the play, directed by […]

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