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Review: ‘Whipping, or The Football Hamlet’ at Longacre Lea

What a rush. DC area playwright Kathleen Akerley has aced her way through the hottest of “au courant” identity politics in her newest work, the penetrating Whipping, or the Football Hamlet. With trenchant taunts and a flurry of dialogue that fluently picks at the hidden away scabs of supposed oppressors, the visible wounds of assumed […]

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Dangereuse: ‘King Lear’ at WSC Avant Bard

King Lear has sometimes been called the Everest of classical acting. Every great Shakespearean actor must sooner or later face the physically and emotionally exhausting task of playing the part. Some simply give up.  Albert Finney, when asked, is reported to have said; “Oh God, eight shows a week doing Lear – no, no, no.” […]

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Review: ‘King Lear’ at Avant Bard

The tempest in my mind / Doth from my senses take all feeling else. King Lear, Act 3, scenes 4–5. Avant Bard’s King Lear is a bracing, piercing production of a family and realm in heightening disarray. The galvanizing production plumbs the depths of an unnamed country in which loyalty reigns, deceit lurks, chaos ensues, […]

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Review: ‘Richard III’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

It’s notable that a play based on England’s War of the Roses has many parallels to power plays that take place today, both in everyday life and TV and film. Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s (CSC) Richard III, directed by that company’s Founding Artistic Director Ian Gallanar, is a perfect dramatic storm of great acting, dynamic visuals, […]

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Review: ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at Faction of Fools

Audiences can usually expect something distinct, and full of chutzpah, from the folk at DC’s scrappy Faction of Fools theater troupe with its Comedia dell’Arte mission. The recipient of the 2012 Helen Hayes John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company, is now taking on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice with abundantly bold self-confidence. Since even […]

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Review: ‘Fear’ at Longacre Lea

Let’s say a wealthy patron approaches an ensemble theatre company with a proposition: “Shakespeare? Why so much Shakespeare? Why so revered? Surely, other playwrights deserve having theatre companies named after them as well?” Theatre people will probably have their answers. I have mine: after all, Shakespeare is America’s number one playwright (mistake intentional). When Peter Sellers […]

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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘H5x7’

Did you miss the Henriad this past spring at BAM? Or the Hollow Crown? Do you find Shakespeare inaccessible? Barabbas Theatre can help. Taking a cue from the play’s Chorus, urging the audience to assist the players by imagining the momentous events of the Hundred Years’ War, Barabbas founder Kevin O’Connell, who also directed the […]

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Capital Fringe Preview #50: ‘H5x7’ by William Shakespeare, Adapted and Directed by Kevin O’Connell

Capital Fringe Preview: H5x7 by William Shakespeare, adapted and directed by Kevin O’Connell “Suppose within the girdles of these walls,” begins Shakespeare’s Henry V, “Are now confined two mighty monarchies…Think when we talk of horses, that you see them.” The self-aware Chorus, who knows that a theatrical production cannot accurately depict the events of Henry […]

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Review: ‘Macbeth’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Macbeth: A Bloody Good Show In his time, Macbeth was a successful, lauded warrior. He owned a castle and had an attractive wife whose ravenous ambitions, drive and ego matched his own. Neither was afraid to get their hands dirty to accomplish their goals. Today, Macbeth might have succeeded as a new tech lord, a […]

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‘A Christmas Carol’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas – go see this timeless classic with a Charm City twist. Bring the family to this show! Kids of all ages will love it. Instead of watching the Mister Magoo cartoon version for the gazillionth time, put down the damn remote and head to the historic Mercantile Trust Building in […]

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‘Titus Andronicus’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

“We are all undone!” a character hysterically cries halfway through Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s production of Titus Andronicus. Well, thanks for stating the obvious. You would had to have been asleep not to notice that things were unraveling in this wild, off-the-wall version of Shakespeare’s notorious gore-fest. The government is crumbling, the body count is rising, the […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘#DeathParty’: ‘How We Died of Disease-Related Illness’ and ‘Bones in Whispers’ at Longacre Lea

The eagerly anticipated Women’s Voices Theatre Festival kicked off with the opening of Longacre Lea’s production of two world-premiere one-acts, which the company collectively dubs #DeathParty. The plays are stylistically distinct but share a cast and have an intriguing thematic kinship: Both tap into the anxious zeitgeist about global contagion and human extinction. Prescience? Paranoia? […]

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‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

No More Yielding But a Dream First things first – get thee to the new home for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (CSC)! Located at 7 South Calvert Street in Downtown Baltimore; they have built a beautiful space in which to create wonderful theatrical experiences. Already well known for their summer productions in the “Ruins” of […]

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‘As You Like It’ at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Call me not fool ‘til heaven hath sent me fortune. Well you be fool if Chesapeake Shakespeare Company be heaven for they have sent you the great fortune of their production of As You Like It. Embrace the foolery, enjoy the merriment and festivities, and accompany this spectacular company to its outdoor summer home at […]

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Reporting from ‘Page to Stage’: ‘The Inaugural Election for President of Mrs. Jacobson’s Sixth Grade Class’ by Lauren Katz

My second day at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ annual Page-to-Stage Festival may have been shorter than my first, but no less impressive. The idea that new playwrights all gather in one place to share original ideas for curious audiences still leaves me in awe. The Kennedy Center creates a safe environment […]

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The Best of 2012: Part 9: ‘Solo Performances, Children’s/Young Adult, Directors, Performances & Special Award

 BEST SOLO PERFORMANCES Joe Brack in My Princess Bride at DC Capital Fringe Festival. Alex Brightman in How I Paid for College at The Hub Theatre. Mike Daisey in The Agony and The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. Kathryn Kelley in The Belle of Amherst at Bay Theatre Company. Jason Lott in Wonderful Life […]

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