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‘The Odd Couple’ at Cockpit in Court

Life goes on for the divorced, broke, and sloppy. -or so Oscar Madison is learning. Couple that with a neurotic nutbag of a roommate and you’ve got Cockpit in Court’s first Cabaret show of the 2014 summer season: Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. Directed by Albert J. Boeren, this iconic production, which later became several […]

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‘Life With Father’ at Aldersgate Community Church Theater by Julia L. Exline

Aldersgate Community Church Theater presents Life With Father, the longest-running play in the history of Broadway. The stage play was inspired by a collection of stories that Clarence Day wrote about his father, a well-meaning but stringent Wall Street Broker, who enforced his inflexible lifestyle on his family. Roland Branford Gomez directs this ambitious production. […]

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‘Proposals’ at Vienna Theatre Company by Kim Moeller

In the midst of the cold and wintry Washington weather, Vienna Theatre Company’s production of Proposals offers warmth and laughter with a visit to the Hines family cabin during a summer day in late 1957. Written by prolific playwright Neil Simon, the romantic comedy/drama examines the relationships of Burt Hines, an ailing, former workaholic, his […]

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The Three Kings - Bienvenido Martinez (Baltasar), Jose Sueiro (Gaspar), and Hector Diaz (Melchor). Photo courtesy of GALA Hispanic Theatre.

‘Fiesta de los Reyes Magos/The Three Kings Day Celebration’ at Gala Hispanic Theatre by Carolyn Kelemen

Three kings, a live donkey and dancers galore add up to a GALA DC celebration Since the annual Fiesta de los Reyes Magos/The Three Kings Day Celebration has become so popular in the DC’s Spanish-speaking community, folks at the GALA Hispanic Theatre offered two performances this year, held today in Columbia Heights. Both performances, staged in between […]

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