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2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Tragedy of Mario and Juliet’

The Tragedy of Mario and Juliet, presented by Dead Cat Productions/Wayne Nicolosi (as well as written and directed by Nicolosi), reinvents well-known Shakespearean characters and plots to explore some pretty weighty themes with comedy largely trumping drama. Nicolosi’s dialogue blends contemporary, Jersey-accented vernacular with the occasional Elizabethan verse, both can be challenging to the ear […]

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Magic Time! OpenStage New Works Showcase

The theater term “packed house” took on all new meaning for me the night I caught this month’s OpenStage New Works Showcase. Not only was there no empty folding chair; the show went on stage in what was literally a private home. To be exact, it was the exposed-brick-walled living room of Kris Swanson and […]

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Insurance investigator James T. Shannon (Jeff Mocho) admonishes Abie Moscovitz (Larry Levinson), the owner of a one-man tailor shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in the Dead Cat's production of 'The Interview.'

Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Interview’ by Anne Tsang

“I didn’t make these decisions, they were made by people much smarter than you or I” says James Shannon in Peter Swet’s The Interview, currently playing at the Capital Fringe Festival. That’s the way I felt when I signed up to review this show. This show wasn’t one of the ones I had originally picked […]

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