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Review: ‘Count Down’ at Strand Theater Company (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

The seven teenage girls in The Strand Theater Company’s production — and regional premiere — of Count Down are the standout stars of the show. From the performances of the actors playing the girls and the script’s heartbreaking monologues to the energetic, deliberate choreography, the production takes great care to show who these young women […]

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Review: ‘Skeleton Crew’ at Baltimore Center Stage (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

As part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, to highlight the diversity and depth of new plays being written by women, Baltimore Center Stage showcases the fourth play of its 2017-18 season with acclaimed playwright and author Dominique Morisseau’s compellingly incisive, timely, and thought-provoking piece, Skeleton Crew. Skeleton Crew is the third play in Morisseau’s […]

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square Love is a Blue Tick Hound

Review: ‘Love is a Blue Tick Hound’ at Rapid Lemon Productions (Women’s Voices Theater Festival)

No garden gnomes were injured in the writing of this review As part of the 2018 Women’s Voices Theater Festival, Rapid Lemon Productions is presenting the regional premiere of Love is a Blue Tick Hound, a collection of four award-winning 20-minute plays by Audrey Cefaly. The bifurcated run is playing in Baltimore through January 21 […]

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‘Women’s Voices Theater Festival’ and ‘Winterfest’ Present New Works in NYC from January through March

New York City is ringing in the New Year with a full slate of new works presented in January, February, and March, including a one-day event with the Dramatists Guild Foundation in support of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, and two months of offerings at the New York Theater Festival’s Winterfest. I had the opportunity […]

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Report: Arena Stage’s Molly Smith and Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle Discuss ‘Sovereignty’ and Why Plays by Native American Women Are More Vital Than Ever

In 1839, Mary Kathryn Nagle’s great-great-great grandfather, Cherokee statesman John Ridge, was assassinated for signing the Treaty of New Echota. In 2017, Nagle wrote a play about her family’s tangled history. And in 2018, Arena will stage its world premiere. Sovereignty, a play that bounces from Andrew Jackson’s presidency to a few years past 2017, […]

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Magic Time! ‘In the Cage, She Has a Fighting Chance’: A Q&A With Stephen Spotswood About His New Play ‘Girl in the Red Corner’ at The Welders

This seems to be the season in DC Metro Theater for pugilistic women. Women who box claimed the stage in Jen Silverman’s Collective Rage (just closed at Woolly Mammoth Theater Company). A woman who fights back tooth and nail is the fierce protagonist of Jonelle Walker’s TAME. (about to open at Gunston Arts Center, produced […]

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DCMetroTheaterArts’ Best of 2015 #4: Best Plays in Professional Theaters

Here are the DCMetroTheaterArts Staff’s honorees for Best Plays in Professional Theaters in 2015: A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas at Olney Theatre Center. A Conversation With the Man Who Killed My Son at Dynamic Wellness. A Man for All Seasons at NextStop Theatre Company. A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular at Pointless Theatre Company. […]

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TOP GIRLS 200 x 200

‘Top Girls’ at George Washington University

I may have missed it, but to my knowledge no playwright in the current Women’s Voices Theater Festival set out to write a feminist-socialist play and explicitly said so. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Understandably those F and S words creep a lot of people out, Emma Watson and Bernie Sanders notwithstanding.) So […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘Raw’ at Venus Theatre Company

Among other notable experiences I’ve had during the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, I can now say I’ve been admonished by a cow. Please don’t think I’m being derogatory. Because in Venus Theatre’s second entry into the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, Raw, by Baltimore-based playwright Amy Bernstein, the central character is indeed a fired-up bovine committed […]

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Magic Time! The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: A Conversation With the Director and Writer of Arcturus Theater Company’s ‘The Point’ Ross Heath and Marilyn Ansevin Austin

I’ve made a point to see as many productions in the Women’s Voices Theater Festival as I can. Some have thrilled me; some have not. For me theatergoing is like a gambling addiction. I always go expecting to hit the jackpot. But realistically I know the odds are I won’t always. One play in particular, […]

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‘Calendar Girls’ at Providence Players of Fairfax

As I walked into James Lee Community Center on the afternoon of Sunday, October 4, I filed into the theater with a rather large audience and opened my program to the director’s note, where Director Michael Donahue included a quote from the play about sunflowers: “Wherever light is, no matter how weak, these flowers will […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘Can’t Complain’ at Spooky Action Theater

Over the course of the fall of 2015, more than 50 DC area theater companies will participate in the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, an event celebrating new works created by women. Through their New Works in Action program, Spooky Action Theater Company made their contribution with the fascinating and thought-provoking play, Can’t Complain. The New […]

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Spooky Action Theater’s ‘Don’t Complain’ Plays Tonight Through October 25th

A soaring, poetic Irish ghost story for the Women’s Voices Theater Festival Spooky Action Theater launches its 2015-2016 Season with a World Premiere: Can’t Complain by Christine Evans Directed by Michael Bloom Featuring Cornelia Hart, Wendy Wilmer, Tonya Beckman, Nicole Ruthmarie, and Eric M Messner. Spooky Action Theater opens its 2015-2016 season on October 1 […]

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The Women’s Voices Theater Festival: ‘The Guard’ at Ford’s Theatre

Only through art do we become immortal. The Guard, commissioned by Ford’s Theatre for the Women’s Voices Theater Festival, is an original work by playwright Jessica Dickey. Jessica Dickey and The Guard are recipients of the National Theatre Conference’s 2015 Barrie and Bernice Stavis Award, an award celebrating outstanding emerging playwrights. The play plumbs existential depths […]

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